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Nutrition for Recovery

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Dependency can have an impact on the body and mind. A common occurrence among addicts and alcoholics is poor diet. This can create psychological and physical symptoms that need careful maintenance. Choosing a life in recovery encourages change in all areas, and nutrition is a vital component of any successful attempt at long-term sobriety. The benefits of a healthy diet are scientifically proven to aid well-being, and as the old adage goes – a healthy body equals a healthy mind.

The Consequences of Substance Abuse & Poor Diet

A well-documented consequence of drug and alcohol abuse is its ability to destroy organs. Prolonged substance use also damages the body’s natural capacity to digest foods. This lack of vital nutrients can cause a vitamin deficiency that leads to serious health complications. Some of which are listed below:

Gastrointestinal Disorder: Digestive tract inflammation, leaky gut, and irritable bowel syndrome are among a wide range of conditions that are caused by excessive drug and alcohol consumption.

Immune System Malfunction: Lack of vital vitamins, minerals, and amino acids causes the body’s immune system to fail. This can leave you vulnerable to infections and diseases that would otherwise be repelled.

Damaged Organs: The digestive system needs vitamins and minerals to function, drugs and alcohol damage the intestines, pancreas, and stomach lining.

Hypoglycemia: Low blood sugar can be linked to poor nutrition and substance abuse.

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Food in Recovery

The process of healing involves the reintroduction of a healthy diet. Dietary supplements can help speed up recovery as your body starts learning again how to process all the vital nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. At Cornerstone, we understand the importance of nutritional balance and how best to help you achieve this. During detox you are vulnerable on many levels; psychologically you may be weak and physically your body still craves its drug of choice, but with guidance, vital nutrients can boost energy levels and increase resilience.

An essential component of our therapeutic programs is nutritional education. We will show you how to ensure that you consume a balanced and healthy diet. Learning this essential life skill can aid decision-making, boost self-esteem and produce an overall feeling of well-being. Vital for long-term recovery, our addiction professionals will evaluate your nutritional needs, and teach you the essential nutritional knowledge, to help you lay the foundation for an ongoing healthy diet. We will work together with you to create a recovery plan that nurtures your mind, body, and soul.

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