Cornerstone of Southern California, Celebrating 40 Years

Meet Our Dedicated Team

Cornerstone prides itself on being a family-run, community-focused business. Understanding the importance of community means we truly understand the importance of quality staff, for these people form the heart, the cornerstone of our community. As such, we aim to offer outstanding employee benefits to our staff, as we know we get back what we put in.

Cornerstone is proud to boast a team of the most highly skilled experts in the Substance Use and addictions field. Our staff are all fully trained in treating chemical dependency and related addictions. We also employ many people with experience of substance use disorders or addiction themselves, as we understand that those who have been through the recovery process are well equipped to help another recovering addict get to where they are. We are exceptionally proud of our 90 employees and affiliates.

Over the years we have attracted some of the most senior members of Orange County’s medical and psychological team, many wanting to work for us because of our exceptional working conditions, camaraderie and sense of community.

We pride ourselves on our team

Jessica Stone

Co-Founder and Executive Assistant

Samantha Stone, BA

Executive Vice President

Timothy Stone, BA

Executive Vice President

Phil Kosanovich

President & Chief Executive Officer

Phil Kosanovich

President & Chief Executive Officer

Danielle Graniello, LVN

Director of Nursing & Medical Services

Alicia Lovric

Business Office Manager

Cory Weil, RADT

Inpatient Program Manager, Support Services