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A Foundation for Recovery Since 1984. 

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Cornerstone specializes in medical detox for:

  • alcohol
  • opioids
  • fentanyl
  • heroin
  • meth
  • multiple substance addictions

We are committed to helping you find long-term recovery. Providing individualized care and extensive support to both our patients and their families for over 40 years. Cornerstone is the right choice.

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What Clients Say About Cornerstone

“I am extremely grateful to the entire staff at Cornerstone. Case managers, doctors, and nurses are always available, precise, and safe at every stage of recovery. Living with other patients and engaging in group sessions helped in finding the path to recovery. Special thanks to the staff for their hope and positive energy.”
Drew S.
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“I am so grateful for Cornerstone. Since entering this program I have been gifted hope back into my life. I have gained the courage to enroll in school, the opportunity to rebuild family relationships, and build a sober network and life! this program supported me in a way that made restarting in a new state possible.”
Elly C.
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“Cornerstone has been such a blessing in my life. Out of all the treatment centers I could’ve gone to, I’m so fortunate I landed here. The staff was helpful, and friendly. It felt as if they knew from experience what I was going through. I absolutely love my sober life today and I can’t imagine I would be here without Cornerstone!”
Chad K.
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Why Choose Cornerstone for Detox?

Cornerstone of Southern California stands out as a leader in medical detoxification in Orange County, pioneering in the field under the compassionate guidance of Dr. Michael Stone, who has been treating addiction since 1969. Dr. Stone was an early adopter of medical detoxification techniques for addiction treatment. 

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  • Cornerstone’s approach is based on a deep understanding of the recovery journey, supported by decades of medical experience.
  • Many team members have personal experience with addiction
  • A blend of professional and personal insight enables compassionate and comprehensive care
  • Our commitment extends beyond immediate drug and alcohol detox, focusing on long-term recovery and guiding clients towards a sustainable, sober life.
  • Our success is measured by the thousands of lives transformed through our programs
  • We are dedicated to making a real difference in our clients’ lives.
  • Cornerstone is a community of hope and healing
  • Cornerstone of Southern California is the leader in medical detoxification in Orange County
  • Treating addiction since 1969
  • See Cornerstone’s Mission, Vision, and Values
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Steps to Detox and Recovery at Cornerstone of Southern California

Cornerstone of Southern California offers accessible medical detox services by accepting a wide range of insurance plans and providing flexible payment options. For more information or assistance, contact us at (714) 844-6071 – we’re available 24/7 to support your journey to recovery.

A comprehensive initial assessment serves as the cornerstone for creating a personalized rehab plan. During this crucial phase, our dedicated rehabilitation specialists provide a safe and non-judgmental space for clients to openly discuss their concerns and establish the groundwork for their addiction treatment and rehabilitation. This involves assessing the severity of addiction and planning the steps for a personalized treatment focused on long-term recovery.
Based on the initial assessment, the most suitable treatment setting and treatment options are determined, such as the type of mental health support to be provided.
For clients who need a medically assisted detox to manage withdrawal symptoms, our professionals will guide them through our detox program. If needed the use of anti-craving medications like Sublocade, Suboxone, Naltrexone, and Vivitrol are available for opiate detox. Medical detox is vital for those addicted to alcohol, meth, or opioids, like fentanyl and heroin. 
After a medical detox program is completed, the client is transitioned to inpatient residential rehab program. For those requiring more intensive addiction support, our inpatient rehab program offers comprehensive treatment tailored to their needs, including mental health counseling, group therapy and medication management.
As a step down following inpatient treatment we offer an Intensive Outpatient Rehab Program. IOP provides a more flexible recovery support setting, but maintains higher levels of addiction and mental health therapy.

Ongoing Care at Cornerstone of Southern California is designed to provide continuous support and resources to help ensure lasting recovery and help individuals manage the challenges of everyday life after completing our medical detox and addiction rehabilitation treatment programs. Ongoing Care includes:

  • Alumni Program: Our Cornerstone Alumni stay connected through our Mobile App and families can access our Free Family Program for ongoing support.
  • Access to local, licensed sober living homes across Orange County, CA with great locations to facilitate a smooth transition after your medical detox and inpatient addiction treatment.
  • Additional support and guidance through our Extended Care Program (ECP) for addiction, aimed at preventing relapse after the initial treatment phase.
  • Groups guided by peers who are on their own recovery journeys, these addiction support groups offer ongoing support, inspiration, understanding, and camaraderie in a compassionate community environment.
  • Utilizing cognitive-behavioral techniques, Relapse Prevention Therapy (RPT) helps individuals identify potential triggers and equips them with effective coping mechanisms to navigate high-risk situations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cornerstone was founded by Dr. Michael Stone in 1984 here in Southern California when he saw how the hospital system and insurance companies were failing patients with addictions. What started as a small venture built because of a doctor’s passion for helping patients has since turned into the best, most ethical, family-owned, and operated addiction treatment system.

Cornerstone has 16 fully licensed and certified recovery homes in the Orange County area. So no matter where you are in Southern California, you can find a treatment facility close to home.

Dr. Stone alone has treated over 80,000 addicts since he started his work in 1969 and has assembled an expert team across all Cornerstone locations that understand addiction and how to treat it. Our special team of contracted and consulting doctors can assist with the many issues that are unique to each individual. If you require a referral, you can work with an addiction specialist that we know and trust. Detoxification here is:

  • Accepted by most insurance
  • Offered as a separate entity or before another level of care
  • In a comfortable, healing, and home-like atmosphere
  • Safe. We have staff including 24-hour nurses, and our contracted addiction medicine physicians are on call 24/7 and on-site in our detox program every day.
  • Offered as a service to other treatment facilities

If you have suffered through a painful detox in the past and for whatever reason are in need of detox again, please come see us, we can help. We have experience with addiction and detox since 1984. We also have extensive experience with pain management. We understand you have real pain and need help. We can offer that help! Fill in this form or call us today: (714) 515-3170

Cornerstone of Southern California offers accessible medical detox services by accepting a wide range of insurance plans and providing flexible payment options. Our in-network status with providers like Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross, and Cigna helps make treatment affordable. We also offer various payment options for added flexibility. For a detailed list of accepted insurances and payment methods, please visit our Insurance Information Page

See our Steps to Detox Treatment & Recovery at Cornerstone of Southern California

The addiction detox process at Cornerstone of Southern California starts with an initial evaluation by addiction medicine specialists. This assessment is important to understanding the severity of the addiction and planning a creating a personalized treatment plan that often begins with medically assisted detoxification. Detox in Orange County, CA is often needed for those withdrawing from substances like alcohol, meth, or opioids, which can have intense withdrawal symptoms. At Cornerstone, the use of medications such as Sublocade, Suboxone, Naltrexone, and Vivitrol helps manage these symptoms and mitigate health risks associated with drug and alcohol detox.

After detox, patients may progress to inpatient rehab program in Orange County, CA, which provides a robust framework for recovery. This phase includes comprehensive treatment options such as mental health counseling, group therapy, and other therapeutic modalities designed to treat the underlying causes of addiction. For those who need a less restrictive environment, the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) offers a flexible yet supportive setting to continue recovery.

The journey doesn’t end with detox and rehabilitation. Cornerstone’s post-treatment support includes access to licensed sober living homes in prime Orange County locations, facilitating a seamless transition back into everyday life. The Extended Care Program (ECP) and Recovery Support Groups provide ongoing support and relapse prevention, helping clients maintain long-term recovery. These programs, alongside the Alumni Network, offer continuous engagement and community support, ensuring everyone has the resources for sustained sobriety and health.


There is no definitive answer because different drugs have different effects on individuals, and the amount and length of drug use can contribute to how long withdrawal symptoms will last or how long detox will take. While some drugs may be more physically addictive than other drugs, mentally preparing to reprogram the brain can be as difficult and important. Supervision throughout the detox process is really key to long-term recovery.

Withdrawal refers to the symptoms that occur when a person who has become dependent on a substance stops taking it. Detoxification, often called ‘detox’, is the process of safely managing the acute physical symptoms of withdrawal when a drug is abruptly discontinued. It is a critical first step in addiction treatment because it addresses the body’s physical dependency on substances, ensuring that individuals are medically stable and ready to engage in ongoing treatment and recovery efforts. A medically supervised detox in Orange County, California can significantly reduce the risks associated with withdrawal, including severe discomfort and potentially life-threatening conditions.

At Cornerstone of Southern California, we offer professional detox and rehab programs for:

At Cornerstone of Southern California, we specialize in medical detox in Orange County for substances such as alcohol, opioids, fentanyl, heroin, meth, and other addictions. To support recovery and manage cravings, we offer several medication-assisted treatments.

  • Suboxone: Used to treat opiate dependence, this medication helps reduce withdrawal symptoms and cravings, significantly increasing the chances of successful long-term recovery.
  • Naltrexone: An oral medication that aids in maintaining sobriety from alcohol and opiates. It blocks the euphoric effects of opiates and reduces alcohol cravings.
  • Vivitrol: The patient must be opioid-free at the time of initial Vivitrol administration. Administered monthly as an injection, Vivitrol is used to prevent opioid relapse after detox and to treat alcohol dependence in patients who are abstinent at treatment start. It blocks opioid receptors and is non-addictive.
  • Acamprosate (Campral): Used for the maintenance of abstinence from alcohol in individuals with alcohol dependence. Campral helps reduce the physical and emotional cravings many people feel in the weeks and months after they have stopped drinking. Campral has demonstrated success in helping clients maintain long-term sobriety from alcohol.
  • Disulfiram (Antabuse): Used to assist a chronic alcoholic; it acts as a deterrent, creating an unpleasant physical response to drinking alcohol.

These medications are part of a comprehensive treatment plan that includes psychological support and are prescribed as part of our commitment to providing a holistic approach for long-term addiction recovery.


Withdrawal symptoms vary depending on the substance used and the individual’s physical and mental health. Typical symptoms include anxiety, restlessness, and intense cravings, making relapse a common problem. Transitioning to sobriety can also trigger general discomfort and mood disturbances. Managing these symptoms through a structured detox program is essential to maintain sobriety long-term and for a safe transition to continued addiction treatment and recovery.

Symptoms of withdrawal include:

  • Intense drug or alcohol cravings
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Sleeplessness
  • Inability to concentrate or focus
  • Dizziness
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Muscle pain and twitching
  • Sweating, cold sweats
  • Mood swings
  • Nausea

Severe withdrawal risks include seizures, heart attacks or stroke, hallucinations, and delirium tremens (DTs).

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