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Individualized Therapy Sessions. What do they entail?

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One-on-one therapy sessions will be conducted between you and one of our specialist addiction experts. Our tailored approach means you will be paired with the most adept expert for your individual requirements. Our experts will help create a comfortable, safe space for intimate personal issues to be discussed while unpacking the feelings attached to these issues. Sessions will begin in-house at one of our Cornerstone facilities, on completing your treatment program with us, you may want to consider continuing your individual therapy with the therapist we provided at Cornerstone. We are able to accommodate that if desired.

Our sole aim at Cornerstone is to ensure you leave feeling your concerns have been dealt with in the most comprehensive way possible. Our personalized approach to individual therapy allows for greater flexibility and thus the best outcomes for each individual that enters Cornerstone.

When is Individual Therapy Appropriate at Cornerstone?

Individual therapy is used as part of all of our treatment programs at Cornerstone. We suggest starting with individual therapy as soon as you enter our treatment facility, that way our therapist can really track your individual progress throughout your stay with us.

We offer individual therapy during detox, our inpatient treatment programs, flexible day care programs, and during outpatient treatment. We treat each individual based on their own unique needs, our therapists are flexible and can tailor the number of sessions to the patient’s unique requirements.

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Our outpatient therapy packages at Cornerstone are delivered at our treatment center, where you can be assured of a set price for a certain number of tailored sessions. Additional sessions will include discounted rates and a specialized treatment plan with further discounts for any future sessions needed outside the initial treatment plan. Additional Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy can also be conducted during one of our one-on-one sessions if needed.

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