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Inpatient Rehab: Why Residential Treatment Settings Can Be Best for Recovery

Cornerstone’s inpatient treatment in Orange County, California provides patients with residential stay at our treatment center for a specified period of time. During this time, the patient will undergo intensive addiction treatment using a plethora of our evidence-based therapeutic modalities.

The structure that inpatient treatment at Cornerstone provides, creates an ideal environment for you to tackle a wide range of mental health and addiction issues; space away from high-risk environments allow for the removal of negative influences that may have contributed to your current mental health challenges, and gives you some time to develop mental clarity.

We understand that the idea of residential treatment can be intimidating and overwhelming at first, however this kind of treatment will really give you the necessary time, and attention to address your addiction challenges, without the negative influences and distractions of everyday life. It will give you the ability to rationally remove triggers, improve the quality of your life and begin to live a life fully-committed to your recovery.

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Tailored Inpatient Treatment

The therapy we are able to offer at Cornerstone is extensive and unrivaled. We use a blend of a number of different evidence-based techniques that are entirely tailored to the patient’s specific condition; one-on-one therapy, group therapy, and or, couples and family therapy are all available in order to meet patients’ specific needs. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) are just a few of the various therapeutic modalities that we provide. Well-being activities that are also offered, will help you feel grounded, and work as complementary activities throughout therapy. Yoga, meditation, and exercise classes allow patients time to ensure they are physically, mentally, and spiritually in shape.

24-hour expert support is offered throughout your inpatient treatment, allowing our specialists to monitor and review your progress. Psychiatrists, psychologists, and therapists are available around the clock to offer support, along with nursing care and access to our doctors. At Cornerstone, our holistic approach means we ensure you are both physically and mentally healthy for the entirety of your stay.

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Residential Stays And Their Impact On Recovery

In order for exceptional healing and recovery to occur, at Cornerstone, we recognize the importance of the surrounding environment. Our on-site facilities are housed in modern state-of-the-art buildings that come with vast grounds for patients to explore. You will be situated in one of our comfortable bedrooms with everything you need during your stay. These tranquil spaces are the building blocks for lasting, sustainable recovery. In their free time, we encourage exploring every inch of our tranquil, private facilities.

At our treatment center, you can expect to receive high-quality meals bursting with nutrition. Our on-site caterers will be able to provide specialized nutritious food that meets any dietary requirements.

Flexibility in Treatment

Once you have completed our inpatient treatment program, you are able to modify the intensity of future treatment. Typically, this will either involve stepping down to our outpatient or day care programs or, if necessary committing to an extended stay in the inpatient program while increasing the intensity of treatment, if you are feeling that you have yet to yield the results you desire.

Consistent professional monitoring underpins everything we do at Cornerstone and allows us to provide the most customized treatment for each unique individual that enters our facility.

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Reviews of our Orange County Inpatient Rehab Centers

Cornerstone of Southern California
Based on 156 reviews
Davey A.
Enjoyed every minute I spent there from detox to inpatient to sober living… You are never forgotten and have so many resources here. I’ve been to other places and never had the success I’ve had after going to Cornerstone. The alumni program is such a useful tool to maintaining proper after care. The staff was always compassionate and caring to all my needs. Thank you Cornerstone for giving me the miracle of life. Change is possible and end to all the insanity.
John Z.
My first rehab. So I can’t really compare it to other rehabs, but it’s a really nice place. All the staff are cool people who became like friends. Staff really care about their clients. I highly recommend this program to anyone considering going to a inpatient treatment center. I made a lot of new friends here and got to meet a ton of amazing people. Definitely enjoyed my stay here at cornerstone of southern California.
Tom R.
The rehab is super clean, the facility gives you soaps n bathroom products, has new beds and gives you money to go grocery shopping every week. The houses all have big flatscreen tv’s, a doctor on site and gives clients transportation to eye doctors, court or whatever else is needed. They take you to a full scale gym 4 days a week and to AA meetings at night. I highly recommend this facility. Ask for Dave Grasso. He has a heart of gold. You can rest easy knowing a loved one is in his arms while in recovery here!
Robyn H.
I was a client here for their inpatient program, PHP and IOP and eventually Sober Living. I was there for a total of 100 days. It was a live changing time for me and I was really able to get my life on track and I am very grateful for the staff that supported me and guided me in a healthy direction. My case manger was Montana Dellinger and he was amazing. He was supportive, but at the same time he told me what I needed to hear and not what I wanted to hear. I really needed this objective feedback and I have made some big decisions in my life with the help of him and the other staff members. Robert Hernandez is also amazing. His groups made me laugh, made me cry and made me dig deep within myself. My therapist Dexter was super cool as well. He has such a positive outlook on life and is very encouraging and motivational. I am very thankful for all that Cornerstone did for myself and my family. It is not easy, but it is worth it and it is possible!!!
John-Michael W.
I have to say that all the positive reviews, as mentioned cannot say in full detail the life saving experience Cornerstone of Southern California brings to an addicted person suffering. I echo the positive reflections posted completely 12 years ago, my Uncle showed up at this facility beaten by his addiction and left this facility on the path to life long recovery. .Currently he is a Director of a rehabilitation center and holds two Masters degrees. Cornerstone gave him everything he needed to be successful in long term sobriety. For Myself, I have been sober for a little over six months and daily think about what I have been taught and learned from the dedicated professionals at this facility. Lessons that began at the Detox house and others presented through my stay for 30 days at there Intensive Inpatient Living, continually “pop” up in my head in the way of relapse prevention, craving management, and positive daily living. Thank you Cornerstone for the work you do! My newest daughter is 6 months old and has never had her father drink alcohol. A gift I could not give my two oldest children, however they have their sober father as an example now and to come. We can now continue this war as a family unit, as Cornerstone has given me the weapons to fight this war successfully. John-Michael P.S. I cannot help but comment on the negative post from the individual who suffers from major depression as well as an addiction.I am very glad you received the help you needed and are now sober. I am completely empathetic to your situation. As Cornerstone stated, they are not a “Dual-Diagnosis” facility, however I was diagnoses with Paranoid Schizophrenia at the age of 24, and though my “positive” symptoms were under control, the staff worked professionally and tirelessly to help be get my life back and start the journey to life long recovery ( they transported me to my medication injections and Psychiatry appointments as well which happened to be outside the 7 mile radius they normally travel within). That was my experience with Cornerstone as an individual with a severe mental illness and addiction as well. Thank you sincerely again Cornerstone.
Alex C.
Hey it’s Alexander Ca here. 56 days and currently just stepped down to sober living LOC here at cornerstone. I encourage any and all addicts, alcoholics, or individuals struggling with mental clarity to call and ask for help. The hardest part is asking for help but once you do CS will have your back. For me personally I couldn’t get sober alone nor could I stay sober without a lot of help. And it started with making a good beginning here at cornerstone. Rehab and getting sober isn’t a stigma this day and age and again I encourage anyone to give yourself a break, pick up the phone and reach out. Whether it’s your first time or coming back from a relapse. Don’t stay out there for too long. You’re worth it. Thank you CS staff. Especially Tami Campbell, and the guys over at detox. I’d list off everyone but I’m too lazy so deal with it (417). Love you guys. One day at a time we can do this.

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