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Entering into a detox program for an addiction to stimulants will be the first step you take on the road to recovery. At Cornerstone, we have been providing meth and stimulant detox programs tailored to the individual in Orange County since 1984. We understand that, just as each individual is unique, so is their addiction. Our professional team understands the complex nature of addiction and the difficulties in stopping and staying stopped.

Methamphetamine (also known as “ice,” “tina,” or just “T”), amphetamine, Adderall, Ritalin, cocaine, and PCP are just some of the stimulants we are able to detox at Cornerstone. At Cornerstone our aim is to provide an environment where long-term recovery is the goal. By making your detox process as comfortable as possible, the chances of sustainable recovery are greatly increased.

Meth & Stimulant Detox Program in Orange County, Southern California
Meth & Stimulant Detox Program in Orange County, Southern California

Managing Stimulant Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal from stimulants can be uncomfortable at best. Our team provides care around the clock and we understand that managing withdrawal symptoms effectively in early detox can be the difference between failure and success. In particular, meth withdrawal symptoms can be difficult for patients to get through. Psychological and physical symptoms often peak in the early stages of detox but can re-emerge as progress is made. Cornerstone of Southern California can address these as they arise and our team of medical professionals is well versed in treating stimulant addictions. We want you to feel as confident as we are, knowing that recovery is possible.

If You’re Taking Other Drugs

During your assessment, you will be asked about your drug use. Most drug-addicted people are polydrug users, meaning they use more than one substance. This does not make detox impossible, nor does it mean that your detox will last longer. As long as we are aware of the situation, we will design a detox program suitable to address all aspects of your addiction. Honesty is important during the assessment stage. If we know what you are taking (and in what quantities), we will be able to provide you with adequate care to make your detox process more manageable.

If You’re Taking Prescription Medication

We will ask you about any prescribed medications prior to starting a detox. Some medications are known to react adversely when combined with other medications, so this need for prior knowledge is imperative. If you are unsure of the medication names, your doctor or physician can provide you with a printed list from which we can work.

Common Meth and Stimulant Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms, or the fear of them, can keep an addict locked in the miserable cycle of addiction. Attempts to stop are often interrupted by yet more drug use as the psychological and physical symptoms begin to surface. Untreated, the road to recovery seems daunting, and more often than not relapse occurs. Guiding you through these symptoms is what our expert team at Cornerstone excels at. Detox is possible, even with a severe addiction to methamphetamine, you just have to give yourself a chance.

Physical Meth and Stimulant Withdrawal Symptoms

No doubt you will experience the physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms that occur once the body and mind begin to need stimulants. Extreme fatigue can be accompanied by chills or an aching body. Your speech may become slurred and you may notice a slowed heart rate. The simplest of tasks become extremely difficult to complete when your energy levels are depleted.

Addiction to stimulants often creates a loss of appetite, and subsequent malnutrition can give rise to other physical ailments. The highest standards of care are maintained at our facility and central to this is your comfort. Whatever the symptoms, at Cornerstone we can gently guide you through them and nurse you back to health.

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Psychological Meth and Stimulant Withdrawal Symptoms

It is easy to forget the psychological aspect of drug addiction. Most people think that once physical dependence is overcome, a return to normal life should be easy. The fact is that most drugs (especially stimulants) alter the chemistry of the brain. Depression is common in the early stages of detox; intense cravings can occur, and the void left by stopping stimulant drugs can induce many different psychological symptoms. Paranoia and even hallucinations are not unusual. Cornerstone prides itself on its ability to treat any symptom as it occurs. Our team of medical professionals will be by your side 24/7, to make your detox as comfortable as possible.

How Long Does Meth and Stimulant Detox Last?

Much seems to depend on the type of drug taken, the amounts, and the length of time that an addiction has taken hold. Quitting meth, for instance, can be a longer detox process than other stimulants. Your assessment with an addiction professional will give a better indication of the length of time you should expect to be in our detox center. Most stimulant detox lasts between 7 and 14 days. Anything over this time would be considered post-acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS), which is rare but occurs occasionally when people withdraw from stimulants. We would take the appropriate measures to guide you through any protracted withdrawals that occur from stimulant use.

Is a Meth and Stimulant Detox Enough for Long-Term Recovery?

Detox alone is simply not enough for long-term recovery. We have witnessed those who believed an initial detox was sufficient to recover, only to return to us a few weeks later wondering where they went wrong. It is generally agreed that substance dependence is a symptom of an underlying cause. Until that cause is addressed, relapse is the most likely outcome. Cornerstone offers inpatient residential treatment post detox, which is a safe therapeutic environment that provides a range of therapeutic modalities designed to best help you explore your underlying issues. It is here that your recovery journey will really begin. Hope for a new future fostered amongst a community of peers and professionals makes long-term recovery achievable.

What Happens After a Stimulant Detox?

Detox is important but without a stay in residential treatment, it can be a waste of time and money. Our treatment facility at Cornerstone employs the country’s leading addiction specialists.

Individual therapy is a vital part of our program. Here you will explore and address the underlying causes associated with your addiction. Group therapy sessions explore addiction further and give you the needed tools to face a life without drugs. We also encourage yoga, meditation, and music therapy among many other therapeutic modalities. Fun is an important element of the program at Cornerstone and we often have days out playing miniature golf or spending time at the beach. Once inpatient treatment is completed, many residents will also choose to move into one of our licensed recovery homes and attend our extended care program. We believe that this continuation of support is an important component in achieving long-term recovery.

Residents are encouraged to attend 12-Step fellowship meetings, and we provide transport to and from local meetings, five nights a week. We have noticed these sessions can act as a bridge to normal living, providing yet another recovery community that operates outside of Cornerstone and throughout the world.

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Stimulant Detox FAQ

Is a Stimulant Detox Dangerous?

Unlike some other drugs, a stimulant detox does not threaten life. However, it can be very uncomfortable if attempted alone. Give yourself the best chance of recovery by addressing your addiction with the support of our experienced, compassionate, and non-judgemental team at Cornerstone.

What is the Safest Way to Detox from Stimulants?

Unlike some other drugs, a stimulant detox does not threaten life. However, it can be very uncomfortable if attempted alone. Give yourself the best chance of recovery by addressing your addiction with the support of our experienced, compassionate, and non-judgemental team at Cornerstone.

Can you Avoid Stimulant Withdrawal Symptoms?

While detox at Cornerstone can manage most of the symptoms effectively, complete avoidance of all symptoms is unlikely. We can make the process easier, but we cannot promise to rid you completely of any of the uncomfortable sensations and emotions that are likely to arise during any withdrawal process. However, rest assured that you will be fully supported by an expert team of detox professionals, who will be by your side every step of the way.

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