Cornerstone of Southern California, Celebrating 40 Years

Cornerstone of Southern California is one of the longest-running treatment centers in Southern California.

Cornerstone was founded in 1984 by our current Medical Director Michael Stone, MD.

Since November 1984, Cornerstone and its expert staff have been committed to providing the highest level of quality, and ethical care management for individuals suffering from a wide range of substance use disorders, mental health disorders, and addictions.

Founder and Medical Director, Michael Stone, has been working in the field of addiction and mental health since 1969. In 1983 he was working in a hospital called Care Unit where people were being discharged early due to insurance companies refusing to pay for further treatment.

Dr. Stone began to notice that although these people were deemed medically fit and able to leave the hospital, they had not received the level of care necessary in order to maintain a long-lasting recovery. Many of the discharged patients would return to the hospital after only weeks of having been released, often in a worse state than they had been previously. Realizing that these patients needed a continuum of care upon leaving the hospital, Dr. Stone decided to set up a sober home to do just that. Thus Cornerstone of Southern California was born.

The first recovery home was designed to help clients abstain from drugs and alcohol while educating them about their disease and the triggers that could lead them back into substance abuse. Since its very inception, Dr. Stone realized the importance of relapse prevention and it has been a successful focal point for Cornerstone ever since.

Our Founder

Dr. Michael Stone, MD

Working since 1969 to treat the disease of addiction and helping people regain their freedom and their lives.
Working since 1969 to treat the disease of addiction and helping people regain their freedom and their lives.
Board-certified in addiction and family medicine, and pain management; Dr. Michael Stone is extremely passionate about the journey of recovery. He has had a career that is defined by his commitment to helping people in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. He has treated over 50,000 addicts and alcoholics with compassion for each individual’s needs during his or her time seeking treatment at Cornerstone. 

Dr. Michael Stone leads this institution with his expert staff who are all committed to outstanding service and helping those who need it most through difficult times. Since 1984, we have built an excellent reputation as one of the longest-running addiction treatment facilities in Southern California.

Cornerstone is a family-run treatment center that believes in the importance of community, connection, and family to maintain long-lasting recovery.
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Our Team

Addiction Professionals in OC

Cornerstone prides itself on being a family-run, community-focused business.
Cornerstone prides itself on being a family-run, community-focused business.
The staff at Cornerstone are experts in addiction and dual-diagnosis treatment. They provide high-quality care management services to individuals struggling with substance use disorders or addictions and mental health issues.

Over the years, we have attracted some of Orange County’s most senior medical and psychological professionals as our team members. They want to work here because our exceptional working conditions make for a great environment; they also enjoy being part of something important with close-knit camaraderie that feels like family.

The Cornerstone team is made up of some of the most highly skilled experts in our field. We treat chemical dependency and related addictions with care, compassion, and expertise. Our staff are all fully trained, certified professionals who will treat you with kindness while offering effective treatment options for your condition or problem.
Our Team
If you or someone you care about is suffering from the painful grip of addiction to alcohol or drugs, we can help.
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Our Mission

From detox, to primary rehabilitation, our extended care program and outpatient treatment, we are able to care for our clients until they feel they have all the necessary foundations to fully heal their minds, bodies and spirits.

Our Vision

Rehabilitation should be an enriching experience that fosters personal growth and self-discovery. The process of recovery teaches you new skills to live a joyous, healthy life with clarity about your future goals in mind.

Our Goals

You’re not just a patient at our center, you become part of the family. We work hard to ensure that your aftercare plan is personalized. You can also join us as an alumnus – we’d love nothing more than having you continue your journey with us.

Our Team

Much of our staff is made up of people just like yourself who have been in recovery themselves. We’re committed not just as professionals but also friends who want the best possible outcome on your journey towards wellness.
#1 Ongoing Community Support

Our Alumni

The Cornerstone Alumni is a support group for those currently in treatment or who have been recently out of care. 

At Cornerstone, we have witnessed people healing from addictions and families reuniting. Our Alumni program offers ongoing support on a long-term basis by ensuring our graduates don’t fall off the wagon or relapse once they leave campus – but instead, get welcomed with open arms into new life norms that will help them heal in ways only possible through community engagement!

The Cornerstone Alumni are a shining example of how sobriety can be fun, exciting, and worth sharing with others. They attend meetings, activities, or panels to show that they’re still in the game and flourishing in recovery. 

Our Alumni program provides continuing guidance and encouragement to help with your recovery process as you begin building new habits that will sustain long-term sobriety.
#2 Recovery Is A Journey

Our Creed

We’re committed to helping each client feel like the most important person in our lives; because they are. That’s why we treat them with understanding, fairness, and professionalism at all times. 

The residents of Cornerstone never stop working hard on their recovery; as well you know, it takes a village after all… But these people aren’t just statistics or broken automatons – They’re human beings who have feelings and emotions just like you (or maybe even worse than your own).

At Cornerstone, the work we do begins and ends with each client. This means that every single one of us is measured by how well every person is treated; this is what makes or breaks a person in recovery. 

We treat everyone respectfully while also maintaining an air of dignity so as not to underwhelm those who deserve nothing less than excellence from themselves when dealing with the pains of recovery.
#3 Personalized, High-Quality Treatment

Our Levels of Care

We provide detoxification, primary residential care, and extended-stay programs in addition to our day treatment and outpatient services. Our licensed recovery homes also accommodate your needs during this difficult time.

We have deep roots in the community and care deeply about our clients. We are nationally accredited by the Joint Commission, licensed & certified through the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) with recognition from courts around Orange County as well as many major employers locally and nationwide.

Community, Connection & Family

Cornerstone is a family run treatment center, which prides itself on its ethical treatment. Being family run, Cornerstone understands how important community, connection and family are, in order to maintain long lasting recovery.

From humble beginnings, Cornerstone has grown from a single residential recovery home into a 20 home system including 4 residential detox homes, extended care, monitored residential and sober living homes. Cornerstone also boasts an outpatient day treatment facility in Santa Ana. As community is vital to recovery, Michael has made sure that all homes and offices are within a 3 mile radius of one another, ensuring that each resident is able to feel connected and part of the Cornerstone community.

Accredited by the Joint Commission and Licensed and Certified by the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) we are a leader in the treatment community in California.

Michael Stone, is triple board-certified in addiction medicine, family practice and pain management. He is passionate about the journey of recovery and continues to be involved, and maintain the exceptional clinical quality of the program we offer. 

Throughout his career, Michael Stone, MD has been involved in treating and helping over 80,000 addicts on their journey to recovery.

I have worked in the addictions field since 1969. Working in drug and alcohol treatment centers and psychiatric hospitals prior to opening Cornerstone, allowed me to see exactly how not to run a treatment center. My biggest motivator for opening Cornerstone was seeing patients in the hospital where I had previously been employed, having to let patients go before I believed they were ready to go. Addiction impacts the mind, body as well as the spirit, so although the body may present itself as physically fit, the mind and spirit will take much longer to heal.” ~ Dr Michael Stone, MD

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Which Healthcare Plans Are Cornerstone in-network For?
Cornerstone of Southern California is a rehabilitation center that takes almost all types of healthcare insurance, including HMOs and EPOs. We can often get you approved for treatments through Joint Commission-approved providers who aren’t on our list at lower costs than most private rehab facilities in Orange County.

Cornerstone is the premier addiction treatment center in Southern California. We have facilities conveniently located in Orange County, CA; Santa Ana and Tustin are also just minutes away. Our team welcomes clients from Anaheim as well as Fullerton, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Yorba Linda, and the surrounding areas. Call us today at 800-385 9889 or email [email protected] 
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Stay Out of Jail & Begin Your Road to Recovery!
Cornerstone’s legal services are here to help you with your recovery. We will handle everything from insurance, interviews, and investigations all the way through trial proceedings if that’s what it takes for our client to get back on track. You can confide in us, we will not judge you or your crime; we only want what’s best for you. 

If it involves negotiating terms with the district attorney’s office then call our team.
We have years of experience working with the criminal justice system and know how to resolve disputes without having any negative consequences on your future prospects for employment opportunities – Our team is ready when it comes time for court proceedings because they will be there supporting every step along the process.
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