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Group therapy sessions take place in an open environment with a group of patients who all share similar symptoms and diagnoses. Sessions will be conducted by one of our addiction specialists, who will encourage participants to share their feelings and experiences. Sessions promote mutual support and guidance for one another and create a safe, comfortable, and supportive environment for you and others to share and open up. With a track record of success, group therapy has been noted as a highly effective treatment in dealing with any of the issues our residents at Cornerstone might be presenting with.

When is Group Therapy Appropriate?

At Cornerstone, we are acutely aware of the importance of allowing patients a safe space to share and open up while learning from other people’s experiences. Group therapy forms the base of our intensive inpatient treatment program. These sessions are also able to take place during Day Treatment (PHP) and Outpatient treatment. In addition, we are also able to include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy in group sessions, allowing the patient to try out a range of therapy options. Schema-focused therapy is also offered at Cornerstone.

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Such sessions are invaluable for patients who are struggling or have struggled, to express their emotions with others. By supporting open dialogue amongst patients in sessions, we are able to create an environment where patients want to share their feelings with others and can benefit from hearing their fellow peers’ experiences. Different experiences with regard to mental health and addiction issues allow other members of the group to offer support, and in turn, group sessions help individuals develop a heightened sense of self-awareness and an understanding of their own challenges.

Patience is essential, as for some, the idea of sharing intimate life experiences with a group of strangers is quite intimidating. At Cornerstone, our experts will ensure that all members are familiar with one another before sharing their own experiences. Creating a communal sense of trust is vital for these group sessions to be at their most effective and they generally produce very positive results, with participants feeling stronger and more compassionate towards fellow peers.

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How Many People Are In A Group Therapy Session?

Sessions are generally made up of 6-12 participants, who share problems. Sessions are conducted by expert professionals, often a therapist and co-therapist. The duration of the session can differ depending on the day and type of session, however, they can last for up to two and a half hours, normally with a break at the mid-point.

As part of our tailored treatment program, the frequency and number of sessions will be dictated by your own personal needs and requirements, along with the specific issues you’re suffering from. It is this customized approach that allows us at Cornerstone to offer such effective and varied treatment.

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