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Penalties for cocaine possession have been reduced in California with Proposition 47 passing in 2014 with the focus being more based around treatment than punitive measures, however, the devastating consequences of Cocaine addiction remain and are well documented. Its capacity to destroy the lives of the user and their loved ones is unparalleled. Although it is a drug that is incredibly addictive and extremely difficult to stop, at Cornerstone we deliver a detox program that offers hope. Our experienced professionals, adept at addressing Cocaine addiction, deliver round-the-clock care to guide you through these early stages of the treatment process. All withdrawal symptoms are carefully managed and we design treatment programs, tailored to each individual, where you will be given the care and compassion you deserve. Detoxing alone is virtually impossible; Cornerstone provides the support and knowledge that can propel you toward a life free of crack cocaine, giving you and your loved ones a future full of opportunity.

Cocaine Detox Program in Orange County
Cocaine Detox Program in Orange County

How Does a Cocaine Detox Work?

Deciding to stop Cocaine for good may have been a decision you have taken countless times before, detox is about putting that decision into practice. Once you have been assessed by our expert team of addiction specialists, and a treatment plan put in place, arrangements will be made for you to begin the detox. The early stages of a Cocaine detox usually include a combination of psychological and physical symptoms. During this time the care you receive will keep you as comfortable as possible. Medical professionals will be on hand to deliver your tailored treatment plan while adapting to any specific needs that arise.

How Long Does a Cocaine Detox Last?

When undertaken with medical care, a detox from Cocaine can last anywhere between 7 to 10 days. Our detox team will guide you through this early stage of recovery. We are confident in our ability to deal with any symptoms that result from a Cocaine detox. Our confidence is derived from years of experience and detoxing thousands of people from crack cocaine.

If You’re Taking Prescription Medication

Your safety is paramount, so informing us of any prescribed medications you are taking is vitally important. Contraindications occur when certain drugs are taken in combination, so it’s important to inform us during the assessment of which prescribed medications you are currently taking. Do not let this deter you from detoxing, we tailor our treatment programs to cater to each individual. We have not yet been unable to detox a client due to their current prescribed medication regimen.

If You’re Taking Other Drugs

In order to address all the physical and emotional needs that may arise during your detox, it is best to inform us if you are abusing more than one substance. Most people who suffer from drug addiction use many drugs at one time. This is known as polydrug use. Disclosing this information on assessment will enable us to design a treatment program best suited to you. All information provided is confidential. Our medical professionals have years of experience caring for polydrug users.

Cocaine Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal starts shortly after the initial high dissipates and the cocaine comedown begins. The exact duration of the comedown and timeline for withdrawal can vary depending on the intensity of drug use and a person’s metabolism. Cocaine typically stays in a person’s system for 2 to 3 days but has many longer-lasting effects on the body.

Cocaine use can be prolonged through fear of the physical and psychological symptoms that occur during withdrawal. Attempts to remain drug-free often result in relapse, as without the appropriate support and care, the symptoms of withdrawal can prove too much.

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Physical Withdrawal Symptoms From Cocaine

Physical withdrawal symptoms from Cocaine can be overwhelming. Extreme fatigue is common and an inability to carry out the easiest of tasks makes the initial stages of withdrawal intense and unbearable. These physical symptoms, in combination with the many psychological aspects of Cocaine withdrawal, will keep an addict locked in the cycle of addiction for much longer than needed.

Other physical symptoms of prolonged Cocaine use include colds and fevers that occur with regularity as the body’s immune system is often lowered due to poor diet and irregular sleeping patterns. Cold sores and mouth ulcers are also commonplace, as are problems breathing and decreased lung function. Whatever the symptom, at Cornerstone our team of medical professionals prides themselves on delivering non-judgemental compassionate care.

Psychological Withdrawal Symptoms From Cocaine

Psychological withdrawal symptoms from Cocaine can be horrific. Though rare, instances of extreme paranoia and even hallucinations may occur. Cocaine alters the chemistry of the brain and, if attempted alone, detox can be frightening. By detoxing at Cornerstone our medical team is able to address any of your symptoms as they arise. We are available round the clock to administer appropriate care.

Other common psychological symptoms of Cocaine withdrawal include anxiety, difficulty concentrating, and an intense craving for the drug. This is part of the withdrawal process; thinking you cannot survive without Cocaine is normal. During these times you will need support, and we are there to support you through this process. Feeling irritable is normal, sleep can be disrupted by strange dreams and mood swings are common. Don’t forget that recovery is achievable, and by making your detox as comfortable as possible we will increase your chance of success.

How Long Will Cocaine Withdrawal Symptoms Last?

To give a definitive answer to this question is almost impossible. Generally, it depends on the severity of use and the length of the addiction. We will be able to provide you with a more accurate prediction of your own individual case once you have been assessed. However, tiredness can be expected to last for around three weeks. Sometimes people experience post-acute withdrawal symptoms (PAWS), this is when symptoms of withdrawal last over a 21-day period. You may experience other psychological symptoms with PAWS that include intense cravings long after the initial detox phase of recovery. This is why we always recommend entering into an inpatient treatment facility once detox is completed. The care and support you receive in treatment could be the difference between success and failure.

Is a Cocaine Detox Enough for Long-Term Recovery?

Sustainable long-term recovery is very rarely achieved by detox alone. With any addiction, we have noticed that the longer a person stays in treatment, the better chance they have at maintaining a life free from drugs. Addiction experts believe that drug use is a symptom of an underlying cause, and the best way to discover the cause is within a supportive therapeutic environment. Unfortunately, relapse is almost inevitable without addressing the root of the problem. Given the nature of addiction and especially the intense cravings often associated with crack cocaine, a period within a rehab facility will give you the space and time needed to combat drug dependence.

What Happens after a Cocaine Detox?

We feel it essential to regard a Cocaine detox as the first step on the road to full recovery. Any detox from drug dependency is best followed by a stay in residential treatment. Here, along with other residents who are drug and alcohol-free, you will embark on a holistic approach to drug addiction led by an experienced team of drug addiction treatment specialists.

Our carefully crafted program consists of individual therapy sessions alongside group therapy and a range of other therapeutic modalities. We are also able to offer yoga, meditation, and music therapy, among others. A great emphasis is placed upon fun, we have days out to the beach, miniature golf, and bowling; All this will help balance the days.

Healing the family as a unit is important to us, we also offer family therapy at no extra cost.

Transport to and from 12-Step fellowship meetings is available five nights a week. We believe that by engaging with a program of recovery alongside intensive therapy a person is better equipped to deal with their addiction once treatment is completed.

Cornerstone provides an Extended Care Program for all that need extra support after residential treatment is completed. We believe the availability of the continuation of care offers valuable help and support in the early stages of recovery (which is key to long-term abstinence). We believe that by maintaining a connection with Cornerstone, ex-residents are able to further develop their recovery community.

Cocaine Detox FAQ

Can you Detox from Cocaine at Home?

Of course, detoxing at home is achievable. But given your history and what we know about addiction the question should be; is it likely?  Most addicts attempt to stop long before accessing a detox with many broken promises and stories of heartache. It can take a long time to realize you cannot do this alone, once that is figured out you are ready. Nurture that desire to stop by calling us at Cornerstone. Help us to help you on the path to long-term recovery from Cocaine addiction.

Is a Cocaine Detox Dangerous?

While a detox from Cocaine cannot be fatal, relapse can be. The symptoms are at best uncomfortable and at their worst extreme. Cornerstone aims to make the process as smooth as possible, by negating many of the symptoms with professional medical help.

Will I be Prescribed Detox Medication?

Unlike other drugs such as heroin, Cocaine detox does not usually require specific medication. The symptoms will be addressed as they arise in order to make your stay with us as comfortable as possible. For example, should you be suffering from anxiety, we would be able to medicate accordingly. Cornerstone’s team of addiction professionals will monitor you throughout the detox stage of recovery.

Is a Residential Cocaine Detox Necessary?

Without a doubt, the best chance of success is to detox within a facility specifically designed to address Cocaine addiction. Support, guidance, and needed medications are all offered at Cornerstone. This environment is where your recovery journey begins. This is where your new life, a life full of hope and opportunity, begins to take shape. Beating addiction alone is, as you already know, incredibly difficult. Reach out to Cornerstone now to take the first, important steps on your recovery journey.

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