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A Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is a type of treatment model that provides a thorough level of care to individuals suffering from mental, behavioral, and substance use disorders without requiring complete hospitalization or staying at a treatment facility. For drug recovery, this can be an important part of a person’s transition back to a healthy, happy, and sober life. 

Transitioning back to a healthy, sober life is just that - a transition. Cornerstone’s PHP is designed to support this transition by focusing on a patient’s independence while still providing structure in their recovery and we do this by offering partial hospitalization. Throughout the day, group and individual therapy sessions are available, however, a greater emphasis is placed on creating new and better coping strategies and a support system or strategy outside of the direct treatment setting. 

How long does a PHP last?

The length of time a person spends engaged with a PHP varies greatly. At Cornerstone, we believe wholeheartedly that recovery is neither a race nor a competition. Rushing any stage of the treatment process can cause a relapse. With this in mind, the length of stay each person requires within our PHP is completely dependent on the needs of the individual. Our day care program runs seven days a week, but your personalized treatment plan will determine the number of days in the week that you need to attend. The aim is to maintain abstinence, build strength, and provide you with the tools that will propel you into a life free of drugs and alcohol.

What's PHP like? What can I expect from treatment?

Our comprehensive recovery program with leading addiction professionals will begin at 8:30 a.m. every day. Some of what you can expect is listed below:

Group Therapy:  Delivered by qualified addiction professionals these groups are designed to develop the essential skills needed for maintaining abstinence. Focusing on subjects such as relapse prevention, stress management, life skills, coping skills, and addiction education you are encouraged to listen, participate, and learn.

Individual therapy:  You will meet regularly with an assigned addictions therapist. Here you work intensively to further explore addiction and maintain abstinence.

Medical assistance: A medical team is available to treat and care for you. Many clients still suffer from physical complications due to their substance abuse and require medical oversight during withdrawal and detox. Your comfort is important to us and we are confident in addressing any medical needs that arise.

Planning for Aftercare: We encourage a client-led aftercare plan; together we begin to build the future. This can include things like our sober living homes right here in Southern California or participating in our alumni programs.  Meeting your needs individually by making sure all bases are covered and having a solid aftercare plan in place can be the difference between life and death.

Holistic Approach: Cornerstone’s holistic approach to addiction includes activities and sessions such as yoga, meditation and mindfulness, music, and art therapy along with a wide range of social activities. Used in conjunction with traditional treatment modalities, we are able to deliver a rounded and balanced program.

Days at Cornerstone PHP usually end mid-afternoon. Groups can be emotional as well as informative so time for reflection is advised. Make the most of your recovery community at Cornerstone by planning an activity for the evenings, whether that be attending a meeting or having fun; the free time granted by a PHP is best used constructively.

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Is PHP right for me? Can it be done close to home?

Because Cornerstone believes in working with patients to develop a plan that best suits them and their needs, this question can't be answered with a simple yes or no. Instead, Cornerstone uses the free initial assessment to map out a treatment plan that may or may not include a stint with PHP. Further, as drug rehab progresses, there might be times where the Partial Hospitalization Program makes more sense than others so we work directly with patients to answer this question on an ongoing basis. 

Many of our patients live in and around Orange County so that they can participate in PHP while being in familiar surroundings and closer to home and work. Being close to and working with your active support network of loved ones can be a tremendous benefit for patients. Add to that the many enriching non-drug-related activities available in Southern California and attending PHP near you can make a lot of sense for those seeking recovery.

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Am I Allowed to go Home at Night?

Yes, but we have noticed that many clients find home life challenging, especially in early recovery. The chaos that addiction causes can make returning home difficult. Cornerstone provides Licensed Recovery Homes; these are safe and sober environments that are perfectly situated for those engaging in our Partial Hospitalization Program. Remember – stable and supportive housing is vital in recovery.

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