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Family and Couples therapy is a therapeutic technique that involves you the patient, a therapist, and immediate family members or loved ones. This methodology is evidence-based and places a strong emphasis on opening up a clear and truthful dialogue between you and your family or partner. It allows the individual to see the impact their addiction and mental health issues have on the family, while simultaneously allowing your family to develop an understanding of your own personal mental health and addiction battles. Acknowledging both points of view educates the patient and family on how to effectively deal with any issues which may come up in the future.

Is There A Difference Between Family Therapy and Couples Therapy?

Not really. Like family therapy, couples therapy encourages an honest dialogue between partners; these sessions focus on the impact of mental health and addiction on the relationship, and the effect they will have had on each other.

When Is A Good Time To Begin Family/Couples Therapy?

Family and Couples Therapy can be started as soon as you finish the detox phase of your treatment. Noted as most effective in dealing with mental health issues that include - addiction, depression anxiety, stress, and a number of eating disorders, this form of therapy is excellent at addressing problems in a relationship, and helping individuals going through separation or even divorce. This therapy offers unyielding support for both parties involved - including partners and family members. Both couples and family therapy are integrated into Cornerstone’s inpatient treatment program. Both forms of therapy can also be included in Cornerstone’s Day Treatment/ Partial Hospitalization (PHP) and Outpatient Treatment Programs, depending on each individual’s unique requirements.

Other types of therapy that work well with family and couples therapy are Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.

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What Can I Expect In Family/Couples Therapy?

Both forms of therapy are very intimate; in family sessions, this will involve the patient, therapist, and close family members. Whereas couples therapy involves the patient, therapist, and the patient's partner or significant other. While the sessions are primarily geared towards the patient, Cornerstone is proud to offer family members the opportunity to see our family therapists on a one-to-one basis if necessary.

These sessions last up to an hour and typically follow a standard 12-session course – with room for additional sessions if needed. However, the number of sessions and type of therapy used are dependent on the individual’s needs and will be adapted to the specific requirements of the patient and their family members and, or, partner.

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