Cornerstone of Southern California Drug and Alcohol Rehab

IMS assists treatment services provided by a licensed health care practitioner at a residential treatment facility that deals with medical issues associated with either detoxification or providing alcoholism or drug abuse recovery.

Up until 2016 alcohol or drug abuse treatment and recovery facilities were not permitted to provide incidental medical services. Assembly Bill 848 amended the Health and Safety Code to allow facilities that are currently licensed by the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) to also provide IMS to patients in need.

This allows Cornerstone’s medical staff to better address serious physical and mental issues associated with detoxification, treatment, or recovery services.

IMS that can be provided at Cornerstone

Whether you're being treated at an inpatient facility or one of our sober living houses throughout Orange County, IMS allows us to better plan and work with patients to get sober. This includes:

  • Obtaining medical histories
  • Monitoring of a patient’s health status to determine whether they need to be transferred to receive urgent or emergency care
  • Testing associated with detoxification from alcohol or drugs
  • Providing alcoholism or drug abuse recovery or treatment services
  • Overseeing patients' self-administered medications
  • Treating substance abuse disorders, including detoxification.

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