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What Is An IOP For Substance Abuse?

There are times in which a person isn’t able to, or doesn’t require, our inpatient treatment programs to address their addiction problem. In these instances, we adjust our standard approach and plan for addiction treatment around the individual to offer an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). Cornerstone’s IOP is designed to deliver the same recovery skills and therapy that our inpatient programs provide but in the settings, manner, and timing that work best for patients. 

Cornerstone understands that sometimes career and family commitments make it difficult or impossible to allow for the luxury of residential treatment. In recognition of this, our IOP allows for a recovery program that builds sobriety through meaningful education and hands-on support that meets you where you’re at, no matter where that is.

IOP clients are supported while engaging in daily employment and normal home activities. We find that the real world regularly presents challenges that are difficult to overcome alone during the early stages of recovery. We believe that our support and focus on relapse prevention are vital components when returning to life post-detox.

Clients that engage with our Intensive Outpatient Program are able to establish solid foundations within the recovery world whilst maintaining connections with employers and loved ones.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). A Treatment Center In Orange County, Southern California
Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). A Treatment Center In Orange County, Southern California

Will I Receive Drug Recovery Therapy At Cornerstone’s IOP?

Although you will be assigned an individual therapist and receive one-to-one counseling depending on your individual requirements, our IOP program consists mainly of daily group therapy sessions. These groups are small in size and every voice is heard. Addiction professionals lead groups that address and inform all aspects of drug and alcohol addiction.

Group therapy topics for IOP include:

  • Dealing with PAWS (Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome) in recovery
  • Skills to prevent relapse
  • Dealing with urges and cravings
  • Understanding addiction and brain Chemistry
  • Understanding addiction as a disease and its progressive nature
  • Introduction of 12-Step Philosophy
  • Exploration of spiritual methods to combat addiction
  • Aftercare and its uses
  • Information regarding our Alumni program

We encourage participation and an open mind at Cornerstone. Great emphasis is placed on safety and creating a learning environment where you are free to explore and discuss addiction.

How Often Are IOP Group Sessions Held?

IOP at Cornerstone runs seven days a week.

We have two sessions per day.

Morning groups meet at 8:30 – 12 PM

Evening groups meet from 6 pm – 9 pm

IOP is designed primarily to support detox clients in their return to real-world situations while keeping recovery and relapse prevention current. Tailored IOP works around your life in your community.

Do I Need To Go Through Detox And Withdrawal Before An Intensive Outpatient Program?

Not everybody requires a medically assisted detox before IOP can begin. We will determine your need at your assessment, there we will craft an individually tailored treatment plan. Rest assured that whatever your requirements, at Cornerstone, we are able to deliver the highest standard of care throughout your recovery journey.

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What Are The Benefits Of An Intensive Outpatient Program That’s Located Near Me?

Unlike inpatient treatment, the intensive outpatient treatment program at Cornerstone delivers intensive addiction therapy without the need for residency. Though this method of treatment is not applicable to everyone, for those it does work for, we have noticed the benefits of having family and loved ones close, being able to spend time with them whilst developing an effective long-term recovery plan has proven very successful.

Is An IOP Appropriate For Me?

Find out if an Intensive Outpatient Program will suit your needs by calling us and arranging an assessment with an addiction professional. At Cornerstone, we can help you decide what the best treatment option is for your own individual needs. Our expert knowledge of addiction and a wide range of treatment modalities ensure that all needs are accommodated.

Do I Need To Attend 12-Step Fellowships?

It is not mandatory to attend any 12-Step meetings; we do however provide recovery solutions. Amongst the many ways to recover, 12-Step fellowships are a path that many clients choose. We can educate you on the options available for sustainable long-term recovery.

How Long Does An IOP At Cornerstone Last?

All of our treatment programs at Cornerstone are flexible and the duration is dependent on your own personal requirements. We do not rush recovery, the aim of all of our treatment programs is to help you find solutions to long-term, sustainable recovery. The length of time this journey can take will differ for each individual.

Can I Involve My Family In My Intensive Outpatient Program?

Yes, of course. Research indicates that if a family is involved in the process of recovery, there is a much better chance of success. Family and couples therapy form an optional, but much encouraged, part of all of our treatment programs. In addiction treatment, family members are often overlooked, but not at Cornerstone. We understand that addiction impacts the family, just as much as the addict. Everybody needs to heal from the suffering that addiction brings. Our family therapists are adept at healing the damage dependency may have caused. We are able to provide education and support for all.

Is The IOP Covered By Insurance?

Most insurance companies will cover our Intensive Outpatient Program. With Cornerstone’s history in Southern California and success in treating substance abuse, we’ve already established preferred relationships with health insurance companies and will likely be able to work with you to figure out how insurance can cover IOP. However, avoid any doubts by calling our intake team at (714) 547-5375 - they can contact your provider.

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