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What Is An Extended Care Program (ECP)?

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Cornerstone’s Extended Care Program has been designed to bridge the gap between drug and alcohol treatment and a return to normal life. Historically we have witnessed clients that complete the initial detox and treatment phase of recovery without too much of a struggle. They leave with renewed hope and confidence for living a drug and alcohol-free life. Unfortunately, and sometimes fatally, relapse still occurs. Our extended care program aims to negate the occurrence of relapse. ECP at Cornerstone simply recognizes the fact that, for some of us, we need further support and guidance even after a period of continuous treatment.

What Can I Expect From The Extended Care Program?

At Cornerstone, we care for the individual. Our professional addiction experts understand the complexities of the disease of addiction, and we can foresee the dangers of relapse. Recovery is not a race; engaging with our ECP allows us to guide you through all stages of abstinence at a pace that is comfortable and informative. We offer structure, a framework upon which a life free from drugs and alcohol can be nurtured. We allow time to heal and time to learn.

Is The Extended Care Program For Me?

Our client group is varied. Many people who engage with our ECP already have a prior history of relapse after treatment, others simply feel the need for some continued support. Whatever your reasons for deciding to continue your treatment with the extra support offered in our ECP, you can do so in a safe, non-judgmental, and empathetic environment. We are here to help and your long-term recovery is our goal.

An Extended Care Program has also been known as an ideal way to address co-occurring disorders, that perhaps may not have had as much attention as your immediate addiction issues in inpatient treatment. Long-term recovery is achievable when given the space and time afforded by an extended care program.

We have experience treating clients presenting with the following co-occurring problems alongside their addictions to drugs and alcohol:

  • Depression
  • General anxiety disorder
  • Panic disorder
  • Social phobia
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Schizoaffective disorder
  • (ADD) attention deficit disorder
  • (ADHD) attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Cornerstone’s mental health program focusing on the assessing, stabilizing and managing of a client’s mental health or co-occurring disorders. Our dedicated team of psychologists or psychiatrists employs ‘integrated treatment’ to treat these disorders. Our integrated treatment team and program is one of the many services provided at Cornerstone. Treatment is continued from detoxification to extended care for those with co-occurring disorders.

Addiction can run alongside many physical health problems that often take time to heal. An ECP offers the time and support needed to repair both the body and mind. We have noticed a number of common physical problems such as:

  • Diabetes
  • Liver problems
  • Gastritis
  • Arthritis
  • Chronic Pain

An inability to cope properly with these physical and mental health conditions can be the cause of relapse; involvement with our Extended Care Program, will teach you how to take your medication and follow a structured routine, thereby diminishing the possibility of relapse.

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What Therapy Is Included In Cornerstone’s Extended Care Program

We encourage participation in recovery and our Extended Care Program echoes that. We aim to provide you with the tools that equip you to maintain long-term recovery. Within the therapy available in our ECP we include:

Group Therapy: Residents share their own experiences, understanding the importance of receiving support from peers to better manage recovery.

Life Skills: Developing vital life skills for reintegration with family and work life. Cooking, Cleaning, and Resumé Building are just some topics explored to instill confidence.

Relapse Prevention: Red flags and triggers, developing tools of recovery management.

Secondary Conditions: Empathetic education regarding co-occurring disorders. How to identify and address issues without the need for substances.

Substance Abuse Education: Residents share experiences of substance addiction with peers.

Health: Effective recovery management, incorporating physical mental, and emotional well-being.

Family Lecture and process group: This is part of our Family and Couples Therapy. Educating families on the complexities of addiction and secondary disorders. Addressing issues that arise from lectures and educational materials.

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Other Activities

Cornerstone encourages fun activities with the emphasis firmly placed on recovery.  We want you to know that sobriety is enjoyable. Our recovery community engages in many social gatherings including BBQs, trips to the movies and beach as well as daily attendance at 12-step meetings and social events.

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