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Life Skills

Drugs and alcohol often steal away many essential life skills. When dependence on substances takes control, real-world living can become a distant memory. While in treatment at Cornerstone, our team of experts will help you relearn these skills and show you how to develop new techniques for dealing with life. On leaving Cornerstone, our aim is that you emerge physically healthy and mentally strong, we are confident in providing a range of life skills that equip you for a life free of chemical dependency.

Life Skills Taught At Cornerstone

Many addicts and alcoholics deal with the challenges and pressures of life with destructive coping mechanisms. In treatment, clients learn how to deal with stress in constructive and healthy ways.

Within our treatment setting, you will learn new independent living skills such as: how to keep to a daily schedule, eat a healthy diet, take care of your personal hygiene and take control of your personal finances.

Our treatment program will enable you to feel in control of your core emotions. You will learn how to live a more stable life without dependence on substances.

Social interactions can present a huge challenge for many alcoholics and addicts.  In treatment, you will learn how to deal with the negative emotions that often arise when in social situations.

Why Are These Skills Vitally Important?

With a strong set of life skills in place, an addict or alcoholic can avoid thoughts about wanting to use drugs or to drink again.  Alternative activities such as spending time with family, meditation, and getting outside in the natural world become your new coping mechanisms for dealing with life’s pressures.

Our clients finish treatment ready to approach life with a new positivity.  You will be able to take control of your life by applying for jobs, paying bills, and managing to spend time alone safely and comfortably.

You will emerge from treatment able to recognize emotionally difficult situations.  You will be able to stay away from people and places, which used to give you the urge to use or drink.

Following your time at Cornerstone, you become a more socially adaptable individual.  These new skills will help you to make friends, communicate better with loved ones and give you the personal strength to communicate more appropriately with people in your life.

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How Will You Relearn These Skills?

At Cornerstone life skills are taught through work with psychologists, skills classes, interaction with others in recovery, studying relapse avoidance techniques, and group work to improve methods of communication.

What Else Does Our Treatment Program Provide?

In addition to strengthening your life skills, our treatment center can help you to understand what constitutes a healthy diet and put you in contact with others in recovery. You will be given support to find sober accommodation and potential employment. Our holistic approach to drug and alcohol addiction is a proven path to long-term recovery.

There is no time like today to begin your journey to a new, healthy future. Contact us at Cornerstone and start out on your new path!

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