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Our Alumni Program at Cornerstone of Southern California

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The alumni program at Cornerstone of Southern California is designed to guide our clients from early treatment stages into aftercare and beyond by connecting them to a fellowship of like-minded individuals. Our aim is to create a healthy atmosphere for continued healing, reuniting families and nurturing positive connections in sobriety.

Our community is filled with alumni who are willing to walk hand in hand with those desiring to continue that path toward wellness and recovery and we have fun doing it! Here are some of the benefits that Cornerstone’s alumni program offers.

Connection is Key

Our alumni program fosters connection, a vital component of any long-term recovery plan. The need for a safe and healthy recovery community can be easily forgotten as “normal life” takes over. Cornerstone offers ways to engage both through private and securely monitored social media groups and monthly social events. These events are designed to show our clients how to create and enjoy a new life so we don’t revert to our old ways of living.

Peer Support

The alumni group has a core group of people with experience in staying clean and sober and who offer nonprofessional, nonclinical assistance to help achieve long-term recovery from alcohol and drugs. We believe in the importance of valued social roles in maintaining abstinence and our members are more than happy to offer their support.

Professional Advice

At Cornerstone we meet people at all stages of their recovery from drug and alcohol. Compassion and genuine care for our clients is always our central consideration. Long after the initial recovery phase we offer advice and guidance, we understand the complexities of life, and by connecting with our Alumni program you are able to access our team of addiction professionals for any help you may need.

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Creating a new life in sobriety means replacing unhealthy activities with new ways to live. Structure and routine are a key part of this process so you can start building that new life on a firm foundation. Staying connected to a group of people who know how to live sober will help you keep a finger on the pulse of recovery with recommended 12-step meetings; attend social events like the movies and miniature golfing; partake in physical activities like hiking or a game of pickleball and you don’t have to go at it alone. Joining the Alumni program allows you to fill your free time with the right kind of fun.

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Service Opportunities

Sober life will offer you many opportunities including ways to be of service and engage with the community. Cornerstone alumni seek to find new ways to give back and volunteering is a great place to start. Cornerstone’s alumni program makes it a point to offer our time to charitable organizations and to show our support whenever possible. We find the best way to maintain continuous recovery is to be of service to others and we have a lot of fun doing it.


Sober life will offer you many opportunities, be that employment or fun activities; being available and present to engage in life is something to be grateful for. As your new life begins it can seem daunting, rest assured that members of our Alumni program will have, at some point, held the same fears and had the same misgivings as you. They are able to support you through change, and their experience of long-term recovery is an asset worth its weight in gold.


Members of our Alumni program differ in terms of involvement. Some only attend our meetings now and then, while others will fully engage in all we have to offer. We believe in being flexible for the individual and attending our Alumni events is not a compulsory requirement. However, the Alumni do benefit from a core group of ex-residents who volunteer their time and knowledge; freely giving back to the recovery community so they can help others succeed in their recovery journey.

If you would like to learn more about our Alumni Program, call us at (714) 547-5375 and our friendly team will explain the whole process.

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