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Substance Use Disorder Lecture

In our last Family Night Educational Lecture presented by Cornerstone’s Clinical Staff team member, Dane Jones, he covered in detail the psychological and physiological effects of Substance Use Disorders as defined by the DSM 5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition). This manual is the latest version of the American Psychiatric Association’s guide with in-depth information on the names, symptoms and diagnostic features of each recognized mental illness—including addictions. Published in May 2013 nearly 20 years after the original publication the DSM-V highlights criteria for substance use disorders that are based on decades of research and clinical…

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Cornerstone recieves IMS (Incidental Medical Services) Certification from the DHCS

  Cornerstone is proud to announce our new IMS Certification from the Department of Health Care Services in California! After successfully submitting our applications for the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) Designations for all 20 of our residential treatment facilities we have now received our IMS Certification and can begin having licensed Addiction Medicine Physicians providing the following services at our facility: 1) Obtaining Medical Histories 2) Monitoring health status to determine whether the health status warrants transfer of the client in order to receive urgent medical care 3) Perform testing associated with detoxification from alcohol or drugs 4)…

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How to achieve Long Term Recovery?

  Don’t leave treatment when you “feel better”. It is often as simple as that. Studies prove that longer stays in treatment settings directly correlate to extended sobriety. Having worked in the addiction recovery field for the past 16 years I have seen clients leave treatment the instant their withdrawals subside. They begin to feel good again and instantly feel invincible; like they have it all figured out and can take on the world without fear. Almost every time I remember a client leaving treatment ASA (against staff advice) I will hear that they have relapsed and either want to…

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Why do some people become addicted to drugs and not others?

There is no single prerequisite or contributing factor that will signal if someone will become an addict. It takes a group of influencing factors working together (in most instances) to create the addicted person and the more of these prerequisites a person has the greater the chance that addiction becomes an issue for them. A few examples of these contributing factors are: The Individual’s Biology. Addiction is a disease and therefore the genes someone is born with will make up for about half of their possible predisposition to becoming an addict. Other factors include a person’s gender, ethnicity, and the…

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Parenting in Recovery: How to Prevent Addiction in your Children

Raising children in this day and age is difficult to say the least. Parents try to set good examples for their children every day but still struggle to do the right thing in each situation. Raising children as a recovering addict is even more difficult. How as parents can we shelter our kids from the horrors of addiction? Are there parenting methods to help prevent this? What can you do? Teach by example – Each child is different and has their own individual set of needs. Some children learn by observing while others will jump right in and learn by…

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Our former clients say it best...

Dr. Stone, I am so grateful to your program and also your generosity. I was a hopeless addict who believed there was no way of getting clean. Thanks to my sister and Cornerstone staff, I recently took my 90 day chip in N.A. Thanks, my life has been changed.

~ Isaac C.

"This was the best foundation I could have asked for to be sober. My case manager was the Best!! She showed me your life can be exciting and sober."

~ Tina H.

It is the truly caring staff that makes Cornerstone the best rehab I have been to. The best part was finally getting my depression medications right, after many others tried for 2 years.

~ Jim V.

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