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Celebrating National Recovery Month: Together We are Stronger
Author: Cornerstone of Southern California
Published: September 18, 2023

Celebrating National Recovery Month This September

Addiction is a disease that not only affects the individual, but their entire network – family, friends, community, and beyond. While consistently misunderstood and stigmatized, it’s vital for individuals and community members to have a platform that both celebrates and encourages new recovery and sobriety practices, giving them the educational resources and mental health services needed to thrive.

And that’s exactly how National Recovery Month came to be.

With the theme, “Every Person. Every Family. Every Community,” National Recovery Month is more than an observance, but a collection of opportunities for recovering addicts, their families, and their community to reinforce the importance of recovery during the month of September. These celebrations also uniquely celebrate the many mental health services and clinical health programs that continue to transform millions of American lives every single day.

Keep reading to learn more about National Recovery Month, it’s importance, and how to find a local, premium alcohol and drug rehab center near you.

How National Recovery Month Began

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA) first created National Recovery Month in 1989 as a way to spread awareness on addiction recovery and mental health, offering a dedicated time period to honor and celebrate the success stories of individuals and community members who are recovering from addiction.

National Recovery Month takes place every September, promoting treatment, recovery, and alcohol addiction education during the seasonal change from Summer to Fall. While the month doesn’t change, each year there is a brand-new focus, shedding light on the different recovery stories, successes, and journeys that individuals and the community members go through in their recovery process.

For recovering addicts and their support group, September is a celebrated national awareness month where inclusivity, openness, and acceptance is promoted. You’ll see this in the numerous celebratory national holidays that take place alongside National Recovery, including National Sober Month, National Sober Day, and National Opioid Awareness Day.

The Importance of National Addiction Professionals Day in September

On September 20th, addiction professionals are celebrated for their dedication and support to addiction recovery and sobriety. With overdose rates continuing to rise across the country, now more than ever, it’s vital that our community continues to support for the medical and mental health professionals.

And thus, National Addiction Professionals Day was born. Created in 1992 by the NAADAC, the Association for Addiction Professionals, National Addiction Professionals Day celebrates the many professionals within the industry who work within the addiction recovery field – both in medical and mental health divisions.

How Mental Health Services Can Play a Role in Recovery

Addiction care goes beyond detox programs and in-patient treatments – though, those are invaluable in the addiction recovery process. Mental health plays a huge role in addiction recovery because often times, mental health issues fall into the “why” behind recovery.

At Cornerstone, we place a heavy emphasis on both physician-based and mental health treatment programs that get to the root of the issue and deliver a long-term plan for support and care.

Recovery Community Events: Gatherings of Support and Awareness

While there are a variety of ways to celebrate and support loved ones in their addiction recovery journey, one of the best ways is through events. Fortunately, National Recovery Month Events are nationwide and offer support and celebrations for multiple types of addictions and recovery practices.

To find National Recovery Month Events near you this September, check out the SAMHSA.Org’s event schedule and calendar today.

At Cornerstone, our Family and Group Support Options offer a multitude of options for loved ones and are designed to meet the needs of each individual where they’re at in the recovery process.

Recovery and Celebration: Stories of Triumph and Resilience

At Cornerstone, we make it our mission to celebrate our clients’ success stories and bring to life their remarkable journeys during National Recovery Month. The process of addiction recovery is not linear and through our National recovery month recovery stories, we want other individuals and communities dealing with addiction to find solace in knowing they’re not alone.

[Include Cornerstone recovery stories]

Cornerstone’s Dedication to Recovery, Community, and Support

For nearly 40 years, the supportive and encouraging professionals at Cornerstone have been providing comprehensive addiction support and recovery programs for Southern California residents and beyond. From alcohol addiction recovery to drug detox programs and treatment, our facility is designed to tackle any and all needs you or your family members may have.

For more information about Cornerstone, get in touch with us today!

National Recovery Month Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is National Recovery Month? Is September National Recovery Month?

A: National Recovery Month takes place every September. The tagline, “Every Person, Every Family, Every Community,” creates an overarching theme that places emphasis on recovery treatment and mental health support.

Q: Why is the Purple Ribbon Symbolic for National Recovery Month?

A: Purple was the chosen color to celebrate National Recovery Month. It has also expanded its reach, now acting as the color for spreading awareness on broader addiction awareness recovery movements, including days such as International Overdose Awareness Day.

Q: What National Awareness Month is September?

A: In September, multiple awareness campaigns are celebrated, including childhood obesity, HIV/AIDS, healthy aging, sickle cell, and substance abuse recovery (National Recovery Month.)

Q: How Can I Participate in National Recovery Month Events?

A: There are multiple ways you can celebrate or participate in National Recovery Month events, including simply doing an internet search for events near your area. You can also host your own event (we recommend a sober hangout event for those on a sobriety journey), promote recovery awareness on social media, or register on for various National Recovery Month events.

Q: What is the Color for National Recovery Month?

A: The color for National Recovery Month is purple.