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An overview of Cornerstone’s 28-30 Day Addiction Rehab Program

  • The 28 or 30-day rehabilitation program is one of our most common types/lengths of recovery programs.
  • It includes an intake assessment/evaluation, an appropriate detox period agreed upon by the treatment team, the chosen physician and the client, individual (1-on-1) therapy, group process therapy and aftercare planning.
  • A one month program can be essential to help our clients overcome their resistance to treatment, allow the client to detox from whichever drugs and/or alcohol they were using and time to reflect on their past mistakes and future accomplishments free of unwanted substances..
  • Cornerstone believes that these short programs may not offer enough time in treatment for clients who have severe, long term addictions or who have recently relapsed.
  • We urge our prospective clients to consider Cornerstone’s proven methods of treatment, our extensive staff expertise and cost of our program before making an informed decision.

An overview of Cornerstone’s 60-Day Rehabilitation Programs

  • Cornerstone’s 60-day programs will include the same services as 30-day and 90-day programs, such as intake assessment/evaluation, detox (if needed) and therapy.
  • These slightly longer programs offer extra needed time in a sober, monitored environment. Recent studies have shown that addicts who spend extended time in drug treatment have better outcomes and remain sober longer..
  • 60-day programs have benefits, but be sure to consider what you can safely afford and how what amount of  time you are willing to spend away from home and in residential treatment.
  • When you are considering any of Cornerstone’s programs, think about the location of our facilities (Tustin, Orange and Santa Ana, California), our professional staff, our relapse prevention focus and aftercare planning.

An overview of Cornerstone’s 90-Day Rehabilitation Programs

  • As stated above, it has been shown through recent studies that longer treatment programs lead to longer, lasting sobriety as well as higher rates of continuous employment and less overall criminal activity.
  • The 90-day treatment programs include a thorough intake assessment/evaluation, detox if necessary,  individual and group process therapy and aftercare.
  • Longer treatment programs are a good choice if you’ve relapsed, if you have a long-standing addiction or if you feel that you need more time to practice your recovery skills in a sober environment.
  • Cost can be an issue with 90-day programs. Cornerstone’s In-Network status with most insurance companies give our potential clients many options to help cover the price of our program. Many insurance companies will pay for detoxification when shown a medical necessity for treatment.

Cornerstone’s long-term recovery programs require our clients to stay in our controlled residential settings for 90 days or longer. Unlike other residential treatment programs, which operate on short stays of a few weeks, Cornerstone’s long-term recovery programs offer comprehensive treatment and extended time for clients who are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction to address and work through any other issues related to their disease. Our Extended Care Program can be the best option for clients who are seeking professional help with their addictions.

Extended Care Program Long-Term Care

Our Extended Care Program was designed to serve clients who have not previously been successful with other treatment centers and options. The resources that we make available through our Extended Care Program are focused on those struggling with a string of recurring relapses, especially when those relapses have nullified short-term or outpatient care options.

This in no way means an individual has to have had a certain number of relapses or reach a predetermined point in the recovery process in order to benefit from long-term care at Cornerstone. An Extended Care Program at Cornerstone may have massive and extraordinary implications on a client’s life. Talk to your personal physician or a qualified addiction counselor as well as family members when attempting to make this life-altering decision.

Please call us anytime at 714-547-5375 or 714-730-5399 to learn about our available treatment options.


Our former clients say it best...

Dr. Stone, I am so grateful to your program and also your generosity. I was a hopeless addictwho believed there was no way of getting clean. Thanks to my sister and Cornerstone staff, I recently took my 90 day chip in N.A. Thanks, my life has been changed.
~ Isaac C.

“This was the best foundation I could have asked for to be sober. My case manager was the Best!! She showed me your life can be exciting and sober.”
~ Tina H.

It is the truly caring staff that makes Cornerstone the best rehab I have been to. The best part was finally getting my depression medications right, after many others tried for 2 years.
~ Jim V.

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