How Iceland fixed it’s teen addiction problem.

5 Apr

Why do teens turn to drugs? There are a million different reasons why this choice is made by teens all over the world and an equal number of solutions have also been posed to correct it. In the US alone we have been through a number of different attempts to combat the teen drug use problem. We have tried to “Just say no”, for years have waged the war on drugs and today we see many different types and modalities of drug treatment programs offering help to those addicted.

What if we are missing the true problem or discrediting the initial emotions that initiate the desire for escape that lead to drug use? Maybe it is a more simple fix.

To find out how Iceland fixed it’s teen addiction problem CLICK HERE!

Trump could destroy health insurance provisions essential to people with addictions

10 Mar

With the new Trump Administration mostly in place the country is in limbo waiting to see what will ultimately become of the Affordable Care Act. Will the GOP do as Trump continually promises and “Repeal and Replace” the program? What will be the Republicans replacement for Obamacare? Will provisions be kept?

The addiction treatment community across the country would like the provisions granting access to treatment for addictions to be kept in place. There are far too many Americans in need of this care and to remove it will not help the opioid epidemic or any aspect of the substance abuse problem we are facing.

What do you think?


Opioids are like GUNS

29 Dec

Most of us have seen the recent images circulating around on social media sites of unconscious, open mouthed adults slumped over in the front seats of a car with a toddler crying from a car seat in the back. This image and many others show us the reality of the opioid epidemic in our country. It is so bad that there are enough prescription bottles of opiates in circulation right now that every household in America could have a bottle easily and readily available.

So is it a stretch to say that Opioids are like guns?
Read on to find out.

Are Opioid Prescription Limits a good thing?

14 Dec

We have all heard about the ‘Opioid Epidemic’ that has a grip on our great nation. There are enough opiate prescriptions filled at this moment to ensure a bottle in every household across the country. So what do we do about it? One idea is to limit the amount of opioids that each doctor can prescribe and have certain criteria that the patient must meet before the opiate is given. While on their face both of these options working together sound good, are they really beneficial? READ MORE HERE.