Cornerstone recieves IMS (Incidental Medical Services) Certification from the DHCS

20 Dec


Cornerstone is proud to announce our new IMS Certification from the Department of Health Care Services in California! After successfully submitting our applications for the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) Designations for all 20 of our residential treatment facilities we have now received our IMS Certification and can begin having licensed Addiction Medicine Physicians providing the following services at our facility:

1) Obtaining Medical Histories

2) Monitoring health status to determine whether the health status warrants transfer of the client in order to receive urgent medical care

3) Perform testing associated with detoxification from alcohol or drugs

4) Provide alcoholism or drug abuse recovery or treatment services

5) Overseeing client self-administered medications

6) Treating substance abuse disorders, including detoxification

This massive change has been much anticipated by our program in order to bolster the quality and safety of the detoxification and treatment services that we have been providing since 1984. The ability to have a licensed Addiction Medicine Physician overseeing our detoxing and monitored clients can and will only approve our program.

Stopping the revolving door of rehab for good.

2 Nov


There really is no ‘best’ or ‘universal’ form of addiction treatment that works for each and every person who tries it. Although the most common form of treatment nowadays is the 12 Step model there have been many new and different forms of treating addiction that are being practiced as well.

Choosing which form of treatment is best for you can be very difficult and many have to try a few different modalities before they discover the one that works for them. Outside of the type of treatment one may choose there are a few extremely important things that anyone in need of treatment can do for themselves to ensure that when they leave the treatment facility, that door remains closed for good.

To learn what you can do proactively to give yourself the best possible outcome from substance abuse treatment CLICK HERE.

Dr Michael Stone MD: Why I opened Cornerstone 32 years ago.

26 Aug

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In 1983 many of my patients in the hospital where I was employed were being discharged early due to the insurance companies refusing any further treatment. I felt that many of my patients, although medically safe to leave the hospital, were in no way ready to go home. So, I decided to open a sober living house in order to continue to help them after they were discharged.

In those days the hospital was charging $1200/day plus doctor and other charges to the insurance. When asked to leave the hospital I transferred a few to my first home. The cost was then $20/day – food and care included. We soon named the house Cornerstone of Southern California and proceeded to license it with the state of California.

Over the past 32 years we have become the best, most ethical, family owned and operated addiction treatment system. We now have 16 fully licensed and certified Recovery Homes in the surrounding cities of Santa Ana, Orange and Tustin.

Unfortunately, over the years many facilities have sprung up doing very questionable treatment practices and are mostly owned by investment teams and bankers with an extremely strong profit motive and not only poor ethics but also taking part in blatantly fraudulent business practices.

Cornerstone of Southern California takes great pride in our ethical treatment and has not and will never be a part of questionable or outright fraudulent practices. Cornerstone was founded to help addicts find lasting sobriety and after 32 years we will continue to promote ethical treatment practices and effective treatment programs.


We accept HMO, PPO and EPO plans!

22 Jun

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Most treatment centers are able to accept HMO insurance plans but Cornerstone’s IN-NETWORK status with most insurance companies allows us to accept PPO and EPO plans as well! What type of insurance do you have? Does it cover treatment?

Click HERE and find out!

What does Cornerstone of Southern California offer?

19 May


Here are just a few of the benefits offered at Cornerstone:

Cornerstone is in-network with most major insurance companies and can accept HMO’s.

Cornerstone believes in and practices ethical drug testing procedures approved by addiction professionals, addiction medicine physicians, the DHCS, the Joint Commission and the insurance companies we are contracted with.

Cornerstone provides Alternative Sentencing to clients with legal issues and is viewed in high regard by all local court systems, local judges and attorneys.

Cornerstone has been offering Residential Recovery Home Environments since 1984.

Cornerstone has the support of local independent Addiction Medicine Physicians and certified Psychiatrists to assist our clients with their medication needs as well as offering counseling services to clients with dual diagnosis.

Cornerstone staff are caring, enthusiastic and enjoy helping others make positive changes in their lives.

Cornerstone has a Fully Integrated Continuum of recovery services, including Detoxification, Extended Care, Monitored Residential, Alternative Sentencing, Day Treatment, Intensive Outpatient, Family Program and Sober Living Homes . If a client has difficulties in their early recovery they do not have to be transferred to another facility. Residents can move within the system to higher or lower levels of care for the most appropriate treatment for the individual at any time.

Cornerstone Recovery Homes are beautiful, safe, warm and comforting. We are located 20 minutes from Newport Beach, 15 minutes from John Wayne/Orange County airport and 15 minutes from Disneyland.

Cornerstone homes are close to many business establishments in Orange County which allow for employment opportunities, social activities and public transportation.

Cornerstone has access to a wide variety of excellent 12-Step meetings in the local area.

Cornerstone has 20 Beautiful Recovery Homes that allow only six residents per home and two per bedroom. It is centrally located in Southern California in beautiful, safe, residential areas of Orange County.

Cornerstone has a large outpatient facility where we offer Day and Evening Programs for patients and families. We offer Continuing Care, Aftercare and Alumni meetings for our residents.

Why choose Cornerstone?

15 Mar

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Addicts and families of addicts choose different treatment centers to help them find recovery every day. What criteria should they be using in order to choose the facility and program that best suits their individual needs? Should they be seeking out the lowest prices, the best location and amenities, the highest qualifications held by the staff, the success rate or even the modality of treatment used? There are a myriad of differences between most treatment centers and deciphering which one will give you the best chance of success can be overwhelming.

Cornerstone of Southern California has made the choice simple. We have been in the business of helping addicts and alcoholics since 1984. We have all levels of care including medically assisted detoxification in a residential setting, extended care, alternative sentencing, monitored residential, day treatment, intensive outpatient, sober living and a family program. If you choose us you will not be shipped out to another company with staff you do not know or recognize for any part of your treatment. We have a full continuum of care moving from intensive (detox, extended care) to the lowest, least intensive (sober living) all under the care and guidance of one company.

We are DHCS licensed and certified as well as Joint Commission Accredited. We operate 20 beautiful, residential recovery homes in the cities of Orange, Tustin and Santa Ana, California complete with newly remodeled kitchens, flat screen TV’s and wireless internet. We do not house clients with more that two in a room and offer private rooms for those who request them. We employ live-in House Monitors to ensure a safe and sober environment for all clients in our care.

Cornerstone is an in-network provider contracted with over 25 major insurance companies like Blue Cross, AETNA and CIGNA who work with us due to our competitive pricing and our exceptionally ethical practices. Cornerstone does not engage in unethical drug testing or billing practices as do many other treatment facilities. We accept HMO’s and PPO’s while most other treatment centers only accept PPO insurance plans.  

At Cornerstone we focus on Relapse Prevention Education in a 12 Step based program in order to give all our clients the best possible chance at lasting sobriety. We are Cornerstone of Southern California – a Foundation for Recovery!

Cornerstone is Licensed, Certified and Accredited!

29 Dec


Cornerstone would like to thank our friends at the DHCS and JCAHO organizations for their help and guidance in ensuring that we provide the highest quality drug and alcohol treatment services possible to every client in need who comes to us for help.

We have been licensed and certified by the DHCS (formerly the ADP) for 31 years and just went through a rigorous site visit and analysis of 14 of our Residential Recovery Homes as well as our Outpatient Day Treatment Facility. Our analyst was impressed with our program as a whole and told us upon finishing that we did, “Very well”.

We also were visited by three analysts from JCAHO back in November, 2015 and were re-accredited for the next three years!

We are proud of these accomplishments and our caring and professional staff who strive every day to provide the best support and treatment to our clientele.