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Anti-Craving Medications – REAL or FAKE?
Author: Cornerstone of Southern California
Published: September 2, 2015
anti craving medications

There are many differing ideas on how to best help addicts obtain and maintain sobriety from drugs and alcohol. There is even a father and son combo out there who say that if you read their book you will be cured of all your addictions! This is some really amazing, groundbreaking stuff (and if you believe it I have a bridge to sell you).

So, are there any REAL Anti-Craving Medications or therapies out there that truly help addicts stay clean? The REAL answer is – YES, yes there are!

Cornerstone of Southern California has been helping addicts to get clean for 31 years focusing on RELAPSE PREVENTION and was the one of the first treatment centers to begin using anti-addiction/craving medications even when the rest of the treatment community were still up in arms over new medications like suboxone and naltrexone (Revia, Vivitrol). The addiction treatment community saw these medications in a very negative light and felt that in using these medications a treatment provider was, in effect, giving drugs to their clients.

Since these dark days in the drug treatment world these legitimate anti-addiction/craving medications have become the standard in the field and more and more treatment seekers are admitting into programs like Cornerstone of Southern California that can provide these medications to ease the painful symptoms of detoxification off of drugs and alcohol, reduce the time spent in Detox (the most expensive level of care in residential drug treatment) and even to curb the cravings for drugs and alcohol when they rear their ugly heads.