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Ron B.
Sun City, Menifee, CA

12/19/2017 Updated review

something must be said about the love I received from this program that was above and beyond that which is the norm... The legal team (specifically Dr Herring) rendered support with progress reports to the court throughout my legal proceedings, appeared in court for me and successfully got my 7 year prison sentence suspended with alternate sentencing to where I did no jail or prison time. I can't begin to say how grateful I am to have her support along with the entire staff of Cornerstone of Southern California.

Brian Z.
San Diego, CA


My experience at Cornerstone was amazing; I was able to completely change my life. I feel like I am a completely different person than when I arrived. The staff is great, everyone from Dr. Herring, my case manager Tom to my house manager Gracie. I really felt like they cared and me and provided the right foundation for personal growth.

I first arrived to Cornerstone coming straight out of jail. Dr. Herring was instrumental in my release from jail, and she continued to be extremely helpful with my legal situation throughout my time at Cornerstone and after my discharge.

Tom is a great case manager. In his groups I was provided the tools to deal with the issues that arise throughout the recovery process. I really feel like I am able to deal with any "life" situation without resorting to using substances; that was definitely not the case when before I came to Cornerstone.

I recommend Cornerstone to anyone suffering from addiction. The process is not easy, and involves a lot of work on your part. However, the rewards of recovery are worth it. It works if you work it.

Jillian C.
Huntington Beach, CA


I webt to Cornerstone November 2011- May 2012, had to go to jail for 60 days and then came back July 1-14 2012. I never experienced the detox, as i had stopped drinking a few weeks prior of going to Cornerstone. I went as direction from my lawyer as i was fighting my 3rd DUI case in less than a year. I knew i needed to get sober, so i stopped drinking and then checked myself into Cornerstone.

The houses were comfortable and the house manager that I had made sure I had everything I needed (if I needed a brush or teeth paste she offered to help me get it). I was fortunate enough to have had everything I needed. But she was nice. Tried to make it home like especially because I was in there for the holidays. I wasnt at the house much.... I worked part time and I was in a serious relationship with my boyfriend. They seriously tried to do everything they could to discourage our relationship.... but we got sober together, and were married now with Kids. I understand where they were coming from though..... a relationship in your first year or so is not a good idea. I guess we were a rare case.

The groups and meetings and such were very structured and one on ones with case managers were a bit weird sometimes but I understood why. I went to 5 AA meetings a week in addition to my groups 5 days a week at Cornerstone. I enjoyed then and got help, made some friends too. I had Don Hadley as my case manager after Carla. Don was awesome. Really realistic and down to earth. No bullsh**. I like that.

Dr Herring was my favorite. She honestly cares so much. She and Simon stone worked with my lawyer to actually have them write court letters on my behalf on how I was doing in the program and to please accept my time as time served. I was looking at around 1 year sentence. Dr Herring actually flew up to San Jose where my court was (my final court date) and went and spoke to the judge and represented me wonderfully. She and Simon really had my back.

My sentence was so small compared to what it could and should have been. I thank them every day for fighting for me. I did work the program and I did stay sober. I was a bit in denial when I got there. But they helped me see I had a real big problem with alcohol and i need to stay sober forever.

I was happy leaving Cornerstone, of course. But I thank them every day for the beginning chapter of my sobriety. I am still sober. I am married to the same guy I was dating back then, and we have 3 Kids. Life is beautiful. I belong to a recovery church where I sing worship and get to help people every day. I'd love to work in a detox one day. Thanks Cornerstone!!!!!

Kristina G.
Santa Ana, CA


Cornerstone gave me my life back and taught me the life skills necessary to succeed! I now have 6 years sober as of October 10! I did not enter the process willingly and resisted help most of the way but they never gave up on me! Words cannot possibly express my gratitude!

Timothy F.
Mission Viejo, CA


I cannot express how grateful I am for Cornerstone. At first, I checked into Cornerstone hoping that these individuals would be able to assist me with some trouble I experienced with the law. Not only did the team work to help me with the court system, but more importantly guided me to find who I was again. Everyone from Dr. Herring, Tom, Rich and Ms. Gracie worked to make me feel right at home, and moreover truly helped me to believe in my purpose. They showed nothing but support during the lowest point of my life. One year later, I am now writing this review after having gone through monitored impatient, sober living and the outpatient program. All three of these programs have made me who I am today. If you are considering Cornerstone, there is not one negative thing I would have to say about it!

Grace Z.
Orange, CA


After countless of rehabs for my son from the most expensive ones that charged 35,000 a month I thought well if they cost this much,they must be a great place...Yeah right! Those places didn't care about my sons rehabilitation it was all about the money! I truly had gave up on rehabs.that was until We were referred to Corner Stone. Truly a BLESSING they are all about your loved one getting the rehabilitation they need. Going beyond and if you have an issue with court. They will fight for you!!! There is just so much that I can say that I would be here all day.. This is the only place my son has remained sober and he feels good about himself. I have my son back!!!! DR. Herring is the most precious woman with a kind and caring heart and truly wants the best for your loved one.

Thank you,


Daniel L.
Fullerton, CA


Cornerstone is a fitting name. It was from my stay there that i was able to build an idea of who i wanted to be and how i would do it. Since then, 3+ years later, i have been actively working towards that ideal completely unencumbered by the pitfalls of drug and alcohol abuse. It has been a staggering success. I have more material and spiritual wealth than i could have ever imagined possible in that period of time. My mind is free and clear. I have integrity and self esteem. My peers respect me and my family does not fear for my mental health or physical safety. I will forever be grateful for the Cornerstone program for showing me that the world was not as i saw it-ruthless, spiteful, and unchanging- but rather hopeful and interesting and full of possibilities.

Jason R.
San Diego, CA


First, let me say I am a 39-year old former hedge fund owner who lost everything to the disease of addiction. I lost my business, home, car, and entire life savings to drugs. More importantly, I lost my family, friends, and self respect. That included my health, incurring multiple drug overdoses. The death of my father, due to this disease, was the reason I abstained from using drugs, until I did, at age 32.

I have attended 7 drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs before finding Cornerstone of Southern California earlier this year. I left EVERY program Against Medical Advice (AMA) for various reasons. Foremost, because I was simply not ready and willing, and secondly, because the preponderance of rehabilation centers in Florida (where I am from) are run for profit at the expense of patient care.

Cornerstone has been a drastically different experience for me. I chose this program for the exact reason you might be reading this review. I did the due diligence, looking for a program that could give me a better chance at recovery; a chance to turn my life around. The Yelp reviews for Cornerstone were outstanding, so I gave it a chance. In my research, I discovered Cornerstone has been around for 40+ years, and as someone in business, I knew a substandard program (NOT based on GOOD patient care) would NOT stay in practice for that length of time that Cornerstone has.

I can honestly say Cornestone is working for me after my 3 months in the program. The professional care is exemplary. My case manager Michelle has made a tremedous difference in helping me re-establish relationships with my family and friends. Christine and Michael are just as excellent case managers. Katherine, a former case manager, who sees over them and she is directly (and positively) involved in each patient's progress.

James, the CEO, is always omnipresent, walking the halls. At first, I thought he was just running the business aspect of Cornerstone, but he is very knowledgeable of each patient's situation as his background is also in therapy. Simon, the son of the owner, is an energetic soul in the hallways, keeping a positive atmosphete for the group. That goes for the nursing (Yanni!), doctors, support, intake, and staff as well. Finally, a big thank you to Leslie, the marketing liason, who got me into Cornerstone from my hospital detox program. She is helping me find a job now in my transition to the real world

All of these professionals CARE about my recovery. The key is YOU have to CARE about your own recovery too. I have seen the Cornerstone staff bend over backwards for patient's legal and financial issues. I am not here for legal issues, but I can attest from my peers that if you are, Dr. Herring, who represents Cornerstone patients' criminal cases, is a miracle worker in the court system. Simply put, she keeps patients here at Cornerstone and out of jail!

A typical day at Corneratone runs from 8am to 9pm. The educational and process groups are in the morning. The leisure-based activities, such meditation, gym, yoga, amd music creation, are mostly afternoon-based and help break up the intensity of morning classes. A 12 Step recovery meeting takes place every evening. The accomidations are nice, especially for the price. Good behavior and seniorty will get you a private room in one of the houses. This accommodation is a bonus for somone who previously shared rooms with up to 5 other patients at rehab programs priced at, or above, the cost of Cornerstone. Family Night is every Thursday night, allowing you to heal relatiobships with loved ones. Another luxury is free aftercare classes, offered 2 nights a week for graduates of the program.

I just signed up for 3 more months at Cornerstone by private pay choice. Obviously, I could not give this recovery program anything other than 5 BIG, WONDERFUL stars. Thank you Cornerstone! You are saving my life and helping me become a valuable citizen again to society.

You guys are the bomb.... BOOM

Kim L.
La Habra, CA


I have ALL good things to say about cornerstone. All of the staff is very knowledgeable and have a heart for helping others . The recovery success rate is amazing. They ensure that the clients obey rules and get the help they need to function in the real world. This place encourages family support and helping others to get through the hard times in life that addiction cause.

Dr Harring is a key player in this rehab that helps families through the court system and sometimes also alternative sentencing instead of jail time. She is an amazing woman with a heart for people and it shows in how she goes over and above for her clients. I can't say enough about how much she has touched my families heart in the hardest situations we have ever dealt with, she is truly an angel.

I highly recommend this rehab and am so blessed to have the support of Cornerstone!

Robert H.
Yorba Linda, CA


I am an attorney and have been working closely with Cornerstone and their staff for nearly 20 years. I have worked side by side with Simon Stone and Dr. Herring on hundreds of cases involving clients that are facing legal problems due to their addictions. I truly believe there is no better rehab program in Southern California for someone looking for help in overcoming their addictions. I have witnessed many miracles and watched nearly every client work their way back to sobriety with the help of Cornerstone. Dr. Herring and the Cornerstone staff are extremely knowledgeable and experienced but more importantly they sincerely care and will do everything they can to help. I have had countless after hour conversations with Dr. Herring about patients and know first hand how much concern and passion she has for each and every patient. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, take the first step and call Cornerstone. You will be impressed and I promise they will know exactly what to do to help.

Cornerstone Reviews

Cornerstone has been helping alcoholics and drug addicts find recovery and healing families since 1984. We have treated over 35,000 addicts and their families during that time. Our clients are from all age groups and come from a myriad of different backgrounds culturally, educationally and financially. Our clients are successful business people who allowed the stress of today's long hours and low wages to push them into drinking alcohol or using drugs to the point of uncontrolled dependence and addiction.

Our clients come from all walks of life. They have different problems stemming from this disease. Their self-esteem has sunk so low that many also suffer from depression. Our clients are men who are about to lose their families, jobs and homes, and women who are about to lose their children, jobs and homes.

Many of these men and women have already lost their self-respect and motivation.

The common thread can be seen in the comments we receive after they have been through our programs. We are pleased to present some of these comment heres. Perhaps something will hit home and help you make the decision to come to Cornerstone to get help for yourself or a loved one.

"When I came to Cornerstone, I was in serious trouble with my job, family, the courts and with myself. I had spent 80% of my life involved with drugs and alcohol, which is almost 40 years. I knew of no true way of living life without them.

"Today I have been clean and sober for more than 2 years. I have never been happier in all phases of my life. What was shown to me here at Cornerstone was everything I needed to turn my world around and how to maintain this newfound life.

"I truly wish to thank the Cornerstone family for all your help and support. You have been a true blessing for me, still to this day." ~ Kurt B.

"I checked into Cornerstone to detox from Alcohol and gain education on how to live life without picking up a drink. I wanted to write to express my gratitude to your organization for directing me to the path I am on today. I truly have never had it so good! I have thought many times about my experience at Cornerstone and all I can say is it was the best thing that ever happened to me. Your staff is so amazing! They treated me with compassion; and I was given hope every day I was there by the people you employ. I just want you to know that you have made it possible to live a life beyond my wildest dreams today." ~ Jaeden B.

"This was the best foundation I could have asked for to be sober. My case manager was the Best!! She showed me your life can be exciting and sober." ~ Tina H.

"This place saved my life." ~ Charlie H.

"I thank my higher power each day for my stay at Cornerstone. I believe that God was watching over me each day as I began my new life in recovery. I am so grateful for you and all that I learned about myself during my brief stay." ~ Tom M.

"Dear Dr. Stone and friends at Cornerstone - Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know I am doing FINE!! I am going to meetings, getting together with friends, went up to San Francisco over Memorial Day and, of course, doctors appointments!!! (HA-HA! No one like you though, Dr. Stone - unfortunately!).

"Anyway, hope all of you are well. I think of you often and about all of the wonderful things you have done for me! It will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN!" ~ Anonymous

"Cornerstone has been vital in my journey through rehabilitation from my alcoholism. I was admitted to Cornerstone by way of an intervention of my adult daughters and with the help and support of your staff. In the beginning I was amazed and bewildered by the kindness and respect with which I was treated. At the time, I was so sick in my disease that I certainly did not believe I was worthy of it. The care I was given through my detox was nothing short of a gift from God. They held my hand and cared for me until I could physically begin to care for myself and begin the long process of recovery. The staff has the patience of saints and really cares about the clients. Each clients program is customized to fit their individual needs and they are so "solution oriented" it is incredible. Counselors and staff are always available and the education i received pertaining to addiction, recovery and relapse prevention is excellent. One of the awesome things about Cornerstone is that they recognize that addiction affects not only the addict/alcoholic but the entire family. Cornerstone encourages the participation of family and other support members to participate in the recovery process as well. Cornerstone provided a physically and emotional safe environment for me to begin to heal and learn the tools I would need to use in my recovery. I would recommend Cornerstone to anyone and if I had to do it all over again I would.........And in fact I did. Part of my recovery has been plagued by relapse and i was welcomed back to Cornerstone with open arms despite my miserable self-inflicted humiliation and devastation. I'm a slow learner in this process but Cornerstone has never given up on me. I have gone through nearly all phases of their program from my initial medical detox, to their extended care program, Intensive outpatient, family program and I now am happily residing in one of their sober living houses as I am 9 months sober. Thanks to Cornerstone I am working with a sponsor in AA, working full time and continue to participate in their aftercare program. I would never have been able to begin to learn how to live without alcohol if not for the education support and direction of Cornerstone. My undying gratitude to Dr. Stone and his staff for their selfless dedication to the alcoholic/addict who needs help. I would not be where I am today if it were not for them. I continue to grow in my new sober life and I only pray that I can someday pass on to others what cornerstone has given to me. God bless you Cornerstone." ~ Anonymous

"I just completed my time at Cornerstone and I have to say that I am sad to go. This may seem weird since most people think of rehab as a horrible place. I know because I was one of them. I knew i had a problem "Sort of" but did not want to be classified as someone who needed REHAB. Although, going to and being a part of the program changed my whole perspective not just of REHAB but of myself. Cornerstone in my opinion does not treat the addiction but the mind behind the addictive thinking. I discovered so much about why I think and act the way I do. I learned a better way to do life and to think about my day to day. I learned how to live in happiness even though my life is not always happy. Best of all I learned how to have healthy meaningful relationships. Oh yeah and I stopped drinking.

"I would recommend the Cornerstone program to anyone who wants to become a better person and break their addiction in the process." ~ Anonymous

"Cornerstone of Southern California laid the tools at my feet to stay sober. I had problems with booze cocaine marijuana and hallucinogens when I came in but they really drilled in the point that the problem is not the drugs or the alcohol, its my disease. All that using was just a symptom of that. They have some great counselors that understand the disease. They do introduce you to a 12-step program and have you get a sponsor among other things to get you oriented to living a life free from the grips of your addiction. I am eternally grateful for the people at cornerstone. They care. If you have someone you know that has a problem and is ready to get help call up Cornerstone. If you have a friend or loved one who goes to cornerstone and does not stay sober it is not because cornerstone did not do their job, its because the client did not have the willingness to let go of the power." ~ Anonymous

From Friends and Family Members

"One year ago, my brother had his first Happy Thanksgiving in a long time, due to the remarkable work you do. As we prepare to celebrate his second (sober) Happy Thanksgiving, I just wanted to say Thank You for giving me my brother back." ~ Nancy S.

"My son returned home to MA on Friday. After speaking to a couple of lawyers about his situation it didn't seem hopeful that he would be allowed to leave California. I know having you go to court with him and explain his progress at Cornerstone was extremely helpful. Thank you so much for all you did.

"After 8 months away from home it was so good to see him and know how good he is doing and how he wants to continue to move on with his life in a positive way. His long-term treatment at Cornerstone gave him the tools to work with in the future. He started work yesterday at a local hotel.

"I can't say enough about how helpful you have been and want you to know how your efforts are greatly appreciated.

"I would highly recommend Cornerstone to anyone seeking treatment for addiction." ~ Joan T.

"Cornerstone was recommended to me in January by an independent counselor. I researched their website and immediately had a gut feeling this was the place for my son. There was so much information, and a wide range of programs at various levels from In-patient right through to sober living. Not only help for the addict/alcoholic, but for the families too. The Tuesday night session for family members is extremely supportive. It is incredible to see how peoples’ emotions can change so much over time, and how strong they can become themselves in their recovery process. (after all, it is a 'family disease') This group is also open to children/ siblings, which is a great idea. The Thursday night lectures are invaluable in helping to understand the disease of addiction. One thing I find great is that you can still go to the Tuesday evening group and the lectures on a Thursday even after your 'qualifier' has left the centre. This support is fantastic.

"The programs for the addict/alcoholic are superb. The staff at Cornerstone do their job in a professional manner, and really do care. Despite what my addict son said when he first arrived at Cornerstone that they try and keep you longer than you need, that they only want your money, and that you don't learn anything.... I found this far from the truth. Those 3 statements from my son are typical from some addicts in their disease.

"Cornerstone helped my son.... they gave him the tools he needed to stay clean and sober... they also gave me the tools I need to take care of myself. Cornerstone family members are like my second family, and have helped me get where I am today - only 5 months along, but I know I have their support for life. I am so thankful to all the staff at Cornerstone for their help, guidance and support. Their website is also very informative, and extremely helpful. Keep up the good work and THANK YOU." ~ Anonymous

"Cornerstone saved my husband's life. It is as simple as that. The center is dedicated to the treatment of addiction but more importantly, to the treatment of the family as a whole and the focus of treatment is on relapse prevention. The change for our family is has been amazing. The Thursday night meetings and lectures for the family plus the Tuesday night family support groups have been my life line. The staff has been wonderful - no words can express the gratitude I have. I highly, highly recommend this facility if you are serious about recovery." ~ Anonymous

"My stepson entered the Cornerstone rehabilitation facility to receive treatment for his addiction. He went through several phases of their program and advanced to their sober living facility. He spent a total of approximately 15 months as a patient, and during that time he was provided a foundation that has allowed him not only to remain clean and sober, but to learn how to function confidently and productively. He now has a home, a good job, a loving wife and a beautiful young child. During the early phases of his residency at Cornerstone, we were particularly impressed with the level of family involvement that was encouraged to help us, his family, not only to understand the disease of addiction, but to become a positive influence as our son learned to deal with the realities and challenges of his condition. We enjoyed both the family group night as well as the speaker night, and were pleased to participate in a number of social functions that involved Cornerstone patients with their families. We have met many other Cornerstone alumni through the follow-up programs and social activities that have been offered. We understand how challenging the problem of addiction can be, but are gratified to witness the significant successes of the patients and their families who have worked together to achieve and maintain the victories that Cornerstone's program has made possible in their lives. We would strongly recommend Cornerstone as a tremendous resource in the treatment of drug and alcohol abuse." ~ Anonymous

"Our son, who is 23 years old, was abusing drugs and alcohol. He had never been a treatment program. When we became aware of what he was doing, we gave him the option of the street or a rehab. There are many rehabs out there, and I am so grateful that we selected Cornerstone. It is a complete program with treatment for the patient and an education program and support program for the family. Whether he remains clean and sober is up to him, but at least he now has the tools he needs to make an informed decision. We, as the family, now know how to support him, even if that means making it clear to him that if he chooses to go back to using drugs/alcohol, he is not welcome in our home, although we will still love him. Thank goodness we found Cornerstone." ~ Anonymous

"This treatment facility has helped my family so much! They have given me my brother back. He has been sober for over a year now after going through Cornerstone. Thanks to all the great people there for their help and support! You guys/gals are THE BEST!" ~ Anonymous

"I have read the reviews about Cornerstone of Southern California and having some sober time under my belt I found some of the attacking comments - sad. I would love to know the real reason behind the experiences some of these reviewers had. Everyone is entitled to their opinions but the venomous tone these folks take tells me they are, maybe not working a program? Possibly still using? Have scary family dynamics?

"No one seems willing to take responsibility for their actions/life choices.....then they blame others by pointing fingers and forgetting that three are pointing back at them. I would consider Cornerstone because I have close friends that are still sober today because they took responsibility for their "stuff" and recognized their part in the problem and ACTUALLY COMPLETED their care at Cornerstone." ~ Anonymous

About Detox

"From Pain Pills and Opiates - Suboxone is a God send for me. I feel like I can participate and interact with my peers. I am not in nearly the pain from withdrawal that I was before." ~ EB

"I would recommend Suboxone for detoxing from any opiate, prescription pills, or heroin. The detox off pain pills was less drastic compared to other drugs I have tried. The physical symptoms are minimal. I feel good while taking Suboxone; no side effects were felt or any discomfort. " ~ RJH

"For 25 years Dr. Michael Stone and his family have been assisting people who suffer from addiction. Cornerstone of Southern California has saved countless lives and has reunited families over the years. Despite the overwhelming success of their programs there are always a few souls who are delusional and say negative things because things did not turn out as expected because of the client not following direction or the client was not willing to get clean to begin with. No one can work miracles, Cornerstone of Southern California comes close when there is a willingness in client to change, and I have seen it with my own eyes over the past 12 years." ~ Anonymous

About the Alternative Sentencing Program

"I found being a 'monitored' patient to be beneficial in my recovery / treatment. I liked being held accountable for my daily activities, check in calls, daily meetings, etc. I appreciate all the help." ~ Katie U.

About the Extended Care Program

"I wanted to move to California as a permanent resident. The Extended Care program, helped me learn the area with good support, assisted me in preparing my resume and getting a job in a new area." ~ John B.

About the Intensive Outpatient Program

"It was an excellent approach to a very complex, sensitive subject. Program was firm enough, yet not harsh. I feel I have benefited greatly from IOP. It provided a solid foundation, and a clear path forward." ~ Mark M.

"My brother was messed up on Vicodin and alcohol for 15 years. I took him to drug rehab places probably 10 different times during those years and every time he came out he started doing the drugs again. Last year we found Cornerstone of Southern California through a Google search for treatment centers in OC. We took him there and met with their 'intake team' to get him admitted to their program. I must say now that they were the most genuine, helpful, caring and REAL people that I have ever seen working at any treatment place EVER! They helped get him enrolled in their program, talked to his insurance and got him covered for more time than we thought possible, and got him situated in their 30-day program. I got to meet the owner and doctor named Michael Stone who was so down to earth and, again, REAL. I want other people to know that this place is TOTALLY LEGIT and, one more time......REAL! My brother has been sober for 10 months now (the longest I have ever been witness too) and he is doing AWESOME! If you need help call them. Don't wait." ~ Anonymous.

"I can honestly say I never felt that I had to go to IOP. The counselor has a great way of getting the message to us without forcing it." ~ Peniva B.

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Our former clients say it best...

  • Dr. Stone, I am so grateful to your program and also your generosity. I was a hopeless addict who believed there was no way of getting clean. Thanks to my sister and Cornerstone staff, I recently took my 90 day chip in N.A. Thanks, my life has been changed.
    ~ Isaac C.
  • "This was the best foundation I could have asked for to be sober. My case manager was the Best!! She showed me your life can be exciting and sober."
    ~ Tina H.
  • It is the truly caring staff that makes Cornerstone the best rehab I have been to. The best part was finally getting my depression medications right, after many others tried for 2 years.
    ~ Jim V.
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Addiction the Disease

How do you know if you have this disease?

How do you know if a loved one, a colleague, an employee, a friend, or your cellmate has this disease? There are endless definitions but here is mine. There are five pieces of the puzzle and all have to be present to be sure it is an addiction.

First - compulsion. This is not all the time, it is not every day but it is obvious. The cocaine addict gets the urge to use cocaine, the alcoholic craves a drink and the Vicodin addict is driven to get the pills. Addicts get the compulsion to do "it" (what they are addicted to) ...

Second - they do "it". I believe it is possible to be an... Read More »

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Dec 20, 2017

Cornerstone recieves IMS (Incidental Medical Services) Certification from the DHCS

Cornerstone is proud to announce our new IMS Certification from the Department of Health Care Services in California! After successfully submittin ... Read More »

May 26, 2017

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Incidental Medical Services (IMS)

On January 1, 2016, Chapter 744, Assembly Bill 848 was enacted authorizing adult alcoholism or drug abuse recovery or treatment facilities that are licensed by the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) to provide IMS. AB 848 amends sections 11834.03 and 11834.36, and adds sections 11834.025 and 11834.026 to the Health and Safety Code to allow licensed residential providers the option to apply to DHCS for approval to provide IMS in their facilities.

IMS are services provided at a licensed residential facility by a health care practitioner that address medical issues associated with either detoxification or the provision of alcoholism or drug abuse recovery or treatment services to assist in the enhancement of treatment services. IMS does not include the provision of general primary medical care. IMS must be related to the patient's process of moving into long-term recovery.

The following six categories of IMS services may be provided after receiving approval from DHCS:

  • Obtaining medical histories.
  • Monitoring health status to determine whether the health status warrants transfer of the patient in order to receive urgent or emergent care.
  • Testing associated with detoxification from alcohol or drugs.
  • Providing alcoholism or drug abuse recovery or treatment services.
  • Overseeing patient self-administered medications.
  • Treating substance abuse disorders, including detoxification.

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A Message from our founders
"Cornerstone is a Family-Run Recovery and Treatment Center and we hope you find your answers here."

~ Jessica & Michael Stone, MD