Cornerstone of Southern California, Celebrating 40 Years
Cornerstone receives IMS (Incidental Medical Services) Certification from the DHCS
Author: Phil Kosanovich
Published: December 20, 2017
detox experience at cornerstone of southern california

Cornerstone is proud to announce our new IMS Certification from the Department of Health Care Services in California! After successfully submitting our applications for the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) Designations for all 20 of our residential treatment facilities we have now received our IMS Certification and can begin having licensed Addiction Medicine Physicians providing the following services at our facility:

  1. Obtaining Medical Histories
  2. Monitoring health status to determine whether the health status warrants transfer of the client in order to receive urgent medical care
  3. Perform testing associated with detoxification from alcohol or drugs
  4. Provide alcoholism or drug abuse recovery or treatment services
  5. Overseeing client self-administered medications
  6. Treating substance abuse disorders, including detoxification

This massive change has been much anticipated by our program in order to bolster the quality and safety of the detoxification and treatment services that we have been providing since 1984. The ability to have a licensed Addiction Medicine Physician overseeing our detoxing and monitored clients can and will only approve our program.