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The Growing Danger of Fentanyl with Xylazine & Treatment Options

By Phil Kosanovich on October 25, 2023
Fentanyl and Xylazine: The Increasing Dangers and Treatment Options In the last 10 years, the dangers of Fentanyl exposure have become increasingly more wide spread, including and especially across public platforms and social media. And though both healthcare professionals and government establishments, including the U.S. Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), the Federal Drug […]
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Celebrating National Recovery Month: Together We are Stronger

By Phil Kosanovich on September 18, 2023
Celebrating National Recovery Month This September Addiction is a disease that not only affects the individual, but their entire network – family, friends, community, and beyond. While consistently misunderstood and stigmatized, it’s vital for individuals and community members to have a platform that both celebrates and encourages new recovery and sobriety practices, giving them the […]
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Mental Health Awareness Month: Supporting Diverse Communities

By Phil Kosanovich, MBA on April 22, 2024
This May Mental Health Awareness Month shines a spotlight on critical areas of mental health in America. Established in 1949, this annual observance is focused on advocating for supporting people with mental health conditions and encouraging a broader understanding of the role that mental health plays in overall well-being. Cornerstone of Southern California is dedicated […]
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How Long Do Amphetamines or Speed Stay in Your System?

By Phil Kosanovich, MBA on March 21, 2024
Amphetamines or Speed can be detected in urine for up to four days, in blood up to 48 hours, in saliva for around 60 hours, and in hair follicles for up to 90 days after use. Amphetamine detectability depends on many factors, including the type of drug test, frequency of drug use, amount of drug […]
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How Long Does Crack Stay In Your System?

By Phil Kosanovich, MBA on March 21, 2024
Generally, urine, saliva, or blood tests show the presence of crack cocaine for just a few hours or days, while hair drug tests for crack can show the presence of cocaine for months or even years. Crack will stay in your system for longer with heavy and prolonged use. More info about the different drug […]
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How Long Does Klonopin Stay in your System?

By Phil Kosanovich, MBA on January 12, 2024
Klonopin’s detectability in drug tests varies, ranging from 1 to 30 days after the last use. This length of detectability differs based on the individual and the type of drug test. Urine drug tests can detect Klonopin for two to four weeks after the last dose, saliva tests for five to six days, hair tests […]
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