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Cornerstone focuses on relapse prevention due to the high relapse rate following traditional drug treatment.

We begin relapse prevention by educating clients about returning to life outside of treatment. This includes handling old stressors and problems without resorting to drug use. We teach clients about the real effects of drugs and alcohol on the body. They learn what triggers are and how to identify and avoid them. We emphasize living with rigorous honesty, staying connected to a sponsor and treatment community, and making better choices. Other topics covered include codependency, enabling behaviors, family dynamics, control issues, and acceptance – all essential for continued sobriety.

Cornerstone believes chemical dependency is a disease that is chronic, progressive, and treatable but not curable. It is a disease that can be placed in remission but is also highly prone to relapse.

We believe both the disease and its relapse are best treated through physical stabilization, psychological education, self-confrontation, and social rehabilitation.

We believe those seeking treatment are not guilty of having the disease but are responsible for its management.

We believe abstinence is the beginning of the recovery process. Full recovery is a total lifestyle change.

We believe relapse is a process, not an event; a process that can be identified, interrupted and managed.

Cornerstone offers quality affordable treatment programs at reasonable rates in Southern California.

Cornerstone Recovery Homes

Our recovery homes, located in the sunny neighborhoods of Tustin, Orange, and Santa Ana in Orange County, CA, provide a centrally located and comfortable environment for our clients. These homes are conveniently situated near public transportation, colleges, Chapman University, shopping malls, beaches, Disneyland, the Performing Arts Center, and the local mountain ski resorts. We offer care in State licensed and certified homes that are recognized by the local Courts and Orange County Probation Services.

At our recovery homes, clients receive in-home treatment, with aftercare provided at our outpatient treatment address. We may also allow clients to continue working, attending school, or participating in treatment while staying at our homes. Each home is appointed with your comfort and needs in mind, offering laundry facilities, Wi-Fi, HDTV, A/C, and plenty of parking.

Our recovery homes serve as the ideal setting for clients who have completed primary treatment and are transitioning to less intensive levels of care. Experience has taught us that when clients with multiple disorders go directly to an unsupervised sober living program, the rate of relapse increases. That’s why our recovery homes provide a safe, supportive, and structured bridge to independent living. When combined with additional treatment and living-sober skills, the success rate for newly recovering individuals improves greatly.

We individualize our treatment program for each client, offering a solution for those who have been through many programs in the past yet continue to relapse after a few months on their own. Some individuals may require a higher level of care than sober living in order to gain clean time while continuing their medication.

Medication compliance plays a key role in preventing relapse, and we have often seen relapse occur when an individual stops taking their medication, such as anti-craving, anti-anxiety, anti-depressants, or anti-abuse medications. To ensure compliance, we monitor clients who take their own medication.

For more information on our relapse prevention services, please contact us or call us at (714) 547-5375.

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