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Intensive Outpatient Treatment at Cornerstone of Southern California
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Published: June 16, 2016
intensive outpatient treatment at cornerstone of southern california

While residential treatment is the most effective and comprehensive form of addiction rehab, IOP treatment can be effective in individuals after a residential rehab program. Many people have maintained careers and families throughout addiction and need to ensure the continuity of those aspects of their life during treatment. This is when IOP may be the right choice for intensive rehabilitation structured around work, school, home life and other obligations. Within IOP treatment, clients still receive staff and peer support while maintaining their access to the community.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment, known in the field as “IOP” can be offered as a primary treatment program by a Cornerstone clinical staff member or through an outside medical assessment conducted by a licensed Addiction Medicine professional. IOP is only recommended for those clients who do not require a medically-supervised detox program prior to admitting. A good IOP program allows clients in recovery to continue their therapy, part-time, while still maintaining a normal schedule outside the treatment setting. Essentially the IOP program is made to accommodate a client's normal work and family life. In Cornerstone's Intensive Outpatient Program, all clients receive individualized treatment through group therapy as well as being assigned an individual counselor who will meet with them 1-on-1 each week. Our groups are kept to 15 or less and cover a myriad of topics which can include:

Cornerstone's 1-on-1 counseling sessions are private sessions where more personal issues can be discussed that may not have been addressed in the larger group therapy sessions. Our intensive outpatient program is structured so that more attendance may be required in the beginning of IOP treatment than later when the client's strength in their recovery program has been established. The intensity of the first few weeks in a recovery program helps clients successfully navigate their most fragile period of sobriety with more support and guidance.

Our IOP program will allow clients to continue to live in their own homes while continuing treatment. Clients are able to go to work or to look for a job, and can begin rebuilding their personal lives while maintaining the help and support they receive from our program. Clients are responsible for participating in group or individual therapy according to their scheduled treatment plan.