New apps to help those in Addiction Recovery

5 Jan

There are new applications added to the app stores on our smartphones every day. Most are for entertainment purposes or to help meet new people or simply to share our daily experiences with others.

There are a few new applications out there that are aimed at the self help markets and specifically a few made for people in the addiction recovery process. Apps like Sober Grid and A-CHESS are built to assist those in recovery by connecting them with their sponsors and others in the growing addiction treatment community, by alerting them when they are near areas that may be harmful to their recovery like bars and liquor stores and even to find them a nearby meeting or treatment center when they need a meeting or have relapsed. These apps can be very helpful to addicts in recovery.

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Why and How Disasterous Insurance Denials for Addiction Treatment Happen?

3 Jan

“Denials by insurance companies to pay for opiate detoxification, in-patient addiction treatment or intensive outpatient counseling have increased in the last few years, even as more and more people are abusing opiates, overdosing and dying.”

At a time when more Americans are in desperate need of addiction treatment and services than ever before the insurance companies are finding ways to deny payment for these life-saving services.

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Opioids are like GUNS

29 Dec

Most of us have seen the recent images circulating around on social media sites of unconscious, open mouthed adults slumped over in the front seats of a car with a toddler crying from a car seat in the back. This image and many others show us the reality of the opioid epidemic in our country. It is so bad that there are enough prescription bottles of opiates in circulation right now that every household in America could have a bottle easily and readily available.

So is it a stretch to say that Opioids are like guns?
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