Cornerstone's vision is to be the employer of choice for those working in the field of alcohol rehab and drug treatment care.

Our staff is composed of a dedicated team of diverse professionals with experience and training in treating chemical dependency and related addictions. Many of our staff members are in recovery, have credentials of the heart and, through personal experience, understand the recovery process. We are proud of our 90 employees and affiliates.

Over the years Cornerstone has been able to attract many of the senior Orange County medical and psychological experts in the field of addiction, as independent affiliates, to see our clients as needed for detox issues as well as medical and psychiatric problems. Cornerstone employs over 70 qualified staff.

Our Doctors

Michael Stone, MD, FAAFP, ABAM

Founder and President

Michael StoneDr. Stone founded Cornerstone of Southern California in 1984, when he recognized that many addicts who needed help could not afford hospital stays. He believes that addicts need not be in a hospital to get well. They can live in home-like settings and have time for social interaction and daily living skills, in addition to lectures and therapy.

Dr. Stone has treated over 80,000 addicts and their families' since 1969. He is well known and respected in the professional community. He has treated clients from all walks of life as well as celebrities and prominent business professionals from all over the world.

He graduated from Sheffield University Medical School, England in 1967. In 1969 he opened and directed the first hospital-based treatment center in Canada. He was medical director of Care Unit Hospital, Orange, a famous psychiatric hospital, at a time when alcoholism and drug treatment was coming out of the closet and becoming more acceptable. He and his team were asked to train the first medical director and family program director at the Betty Ford Center.

Dr. Stone is a caring professional who has committed himself to helping people with addictive diseases.

Dr. Stone has been married since 1967. He is extremely proud of his three adult children who work full-time at Cornerstone. He enjoys the beach, loves dogs, and reads science fiction novels in his free time. His special loves are his five grandchildren with whom he enjoys spending time. He is:

  • Board certified in family medicine
  • Board certified by the American Board of Addiction Medicine
  • Board-certified by the American Academy of Pain Management

Malcolm John Wehrle, MD

Malcolm John Wehrle Dr Wehrle is a Board Certified Diplomate of the American Board of Anesthesiology and a Diplomate of the American Board of Addiction Medicine. He is happily married to Mrs. Jacqueline Wehrle and is the proud father of four sons. He is a graduate of the USC School of Medicine and completed his internship and residency at Los Angeles County USC Medical Center. Dr Wehrle is a member of the California Societies of Addiction Medicine and Anesthesiology as well as the American Society of Addiction Medicine and Anesthesiology. He has worked as an expert Anesthesia witness in 40 – 50 medical malpractice plaintiff and defense cases. Dr Wehrle has worked in the Addiction Treatment field since 1991 and has treated thousands of patients with polysubstance abuse and co-existing disorders needing pain management and pre-operative, intraoperative and post-anesthesia care which required his expertise in addiction medicine principles. We are proud to have Dr Wehrle as a member of our Cornerstone team.

Our Executive Team

Jessica Stone


Executive Assistant

Jessica StoneJessica Stone has been a quiet but integral part of Cornerstone since 1984. She has helped in many areas of the company. She was born in India, but grew up in England, where she met and married Dr. Stone in 1967.

Jessica is extremely proud of her three children, Simon, Samantha and Tim, who work every day at Cornerstone. Mrs. Stone loves the beach especially in Hawaii where she has become a proficient body boarder. Jessica's special love is to spend time with her five grandchildren, attending their dance performances and music recitals. Even though Cornerstone is a huge part of her life, she has many other interests.

Samantha Stone, BA

Senior Vice President of Admissions and Finance

Samantha StoneSamantha graduated from California State University, Fullerton, with a BA in psychology and a BA in sociology. She has been with Cornerstone since the beginning, in 1984. Samantha helps in all areas of running her family business. Within the past 20 years she has mainly worked in our intake office dealing with client admissions coordination. If you need assistance in checking your insurance benefits or learning more about Cornerstone's programs, do not hesitate to give Sam a call.

Sam, like her mom, loves all animals and currently has a cute little dog named Henri. She loves sushi, road-biking, going to the movies and traveling. Sam is also a triathlete.

Simon A. Stone, JD

Senior Vice President, Safety Officer and Court Liaison

Simon A. StoneSimon's primary job is Cornerstone's safety officer. He is a senior vice president of the company and is also in charge of the environment of care including facilities management. He addresses continuous quality improvement and management of the physical properties, which includes all facets of property management striving to ensure that Cornerstone's residential facilities are always safe and comfortable for our clients, staff and visitors. Simon also assists in our Alternative Sentencing Program advocating for treatment in lieu of jail time on behalf of our clientele and in conjunction with criminal defense attorneys, public defenders, district attorneys, judges and commissioners.

He enjoys surfing, travelling in his “sportsmobile” and raising his four beautiful children, four turtles, five fishes, one dog, one cat, and one hamster with the constant support of his wife, Kari.

Timothy Stone, BA

Vice President Recovery Homes Manager

Timothy StoneTim Stone has been with Cornerstone since 1999, but he has been involved much longer since he is the youngest son of Dr. Stone. He has essentially grown up with Cornerstone. He helped initially with cleaning the pools and helping with maintenance around the houses. He now runs and cares for over 20 recovery homes, which must be in compliance with the California Department of Alcohol and Drug program regulations at all times.Tim enjoys surfing, trying new restaurants, and taking care of his two dogs and two cats.

Leadership Team
  • Kathryn Anderson,
    CADC 1

    Outpatient Program Manager

    Kathryn Anderson

  • Tami K. Campbell,

    Residential Administrative Coordinator

    Tami K. Campbell

  • Anya Chernitskaya,

    Sr. Intake Manager

    Anya Chernitskaya

  • Lesley Nolen RADT-i

    Marketing and Outreach

    Lesley Nolen

  • Monnaye Bernal,
    ACSW, RADT-1


    Monnaye Bernal

Clinical and Case Mangement Team
  • Christine Graves


    Christine Graves

  • Maria Carter RADT-i

    Senior Case Manager

    Maria Carter

  • Mary Fritz, CADC-CAS

    Senior Intake Specialist

    Mary Fritz

  • Diane Shaw,

    Case Manager

    Diane Shaw

  • Lauren Petrovic

    Intake Specialist

    Lauren Petrovic

  • Darla Simons, CADC-i

    Utilization Review

    Darla Simons

  • Tamika Carroll


    Tamika Carroll

  • Roberto Palacios

    Intake Team

    Roberto Palacios

Environment of Care
  • Michael Wahl

    Environment of Care

    Michael Wahl

  • Scott Ballard

    Environment of Care

    Scott Ballard

  • Brett James RADT-i

    IOP Team

    Brett James

  • Octavia Macklin

    IOP Team

    Octavia Macklin

  • Rachel Corcoran


    Rachel Corcoran

  • Danielle Denio


    Danielle Denio

Cornerstone Contracted Affiliates

LA Fitness

Helping people achieve the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

This is a brand new 50,000-square-foot-facility located across the street from our outpatient building with state-of-the-art equipment, our Cardio Cinema Movie Theater and aerobic (group exercise) classes throughout the day, plus group cycling, boxing ring, Zumba and a heavy bags area. Facilities also include:

  • Individual LCD television screens
  • Cable TV and iPod docking stations on all of the latest cardio equipment
  • Men’s and women’s eucalyptus steam and sauna
  • Gorgeous locker rooms
  • Outdoor pool
  • Kids Club (babysitting)*
  • Open 365 days a year
  • Yoga and Pilates

Debbie Barnett, Certified Yoga Instructor

Debbie Barnett began practicing yoga in 1979. She became certified and began teaching in 2001. She's taught yoga to residents of Cornerstone of Southern California for three years.

In 2010, Debbie received an "Outstanding Probation Volunteer" award from the Orange County Probation Department. She volunteers her time once a week teaching yoga to incarcerated male minors. The minors say it helps them manage anxiety and they sleep better.

Marlys Woods, MS, MFTi, MT-BC, Music Therapist

Marlys Woods is a board-certified music therapist who has been contracting music therapy services throughout Orange County in different substance abuse facilities and psychiatric hospitals for the last three years. She has been involved in music performing her entire life.

Marlys graduated from Chapman University in 2011 with a degree in music therapy and a minor in psychology, and she recently graduated from Vanguard University with a MS in clinical psychology. Marlys is in the process of becoming a marriage and family therapist and enjoys using her knowledge of relationships, people and music to help those who are struggling with addiction.

Marlys brings a variety of interventions such as active music making, song writing, and lyric analysis, as well as relaxation techniques and art paired with music to her sessions. Marlys has successfully used these interventions to facilitate Cornerstone clients' finding healthy coping skills as they move forward on their journey of sobriety.

We welcome clients from Anaheim, Fullerton, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Santa Ana, Yorba Linda and surrounding areas.

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Our former clients say it best...

  • Dr. Stone, I am so grateful to your program and also your generosity. I was a hopeless addict who believed there was no way of getting clean. Thanks to my sister and Cornerstone staff, I recently took my 90 day chip in N.A. Thanks, my life has been changed.
    ~ Isaac C.
  • "This was the best foundation I could have asked for to be sober. My case manager was the Best!! She showed me your life can be exciting and sober."
    ~ Tina H.
  • It is the truly caring staff that makes Cornerstone the best rehab I have been to. The best part was finally getting my depression medications right, after many others tried for 2 years.
    ~ Jim V.
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Addiction the Disease

How do you know if you have this disease?

How do you know if a loved one, a colleague, an employee, a friend, or your cellmate has this disease? There are endless definitions but here is mine. There are five pieces of the puzzle and all have to be present to be sure it is an addiction.

First - compulsion. This is not all the time, it is not every day but it is obvious. The cocaine addict gets the urge to use cocaine, the alcoholic craves a drink and the Vicodin addict is driven to get the pills. Addicts get the compulsion to do "it" (what they are addicted to) ...

Second - they do "it". I believe it is possible to be an... Read More »

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Jan 15, 2019

Substance Use Disorder Lecture

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Dec 20, 2017

Cornerstone recieves IMS (Incidental Medical Services) Certification from the DHCS

Cornerstone is proud to announce our new IMS Certification from the Department of Health Care Services in California! After successfully submittin ... Read More »

Cornerstone Article Image

Incidental Medical Services (IMS)

On January 1, 2016, Chapter 744, Assembly Bill 848 was enacted authorizing adult alcoholism or drug abuse recovery or treatment facilities that are licensed by the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) to provide IMS. AB 848 amends sections 11834.03 and 11834.36, and adds sections 11834.025 and 11834.026 to the Health and Safety Code to allow licensed residential providers the option to apply to DHCS for approval to provide IMS in their facilities.

IMS are services provided at a licensed residential facility by a health care practitioner that address medical issues associated with either detoxification or the provision of alcoholism or drug abuse recovery or treatment services to assist in the enhancement of treatment services. IMS does not include the provision of general primary medical care. IMS must be related to the patient's process of moving into long-term recovery.

The following six categories of IMS services may be provided after receiving approval from DHCS:

  • Obtaining medical histories.
  • Monitoring health status to determine whether the health status warrants transfer of the patient in order to receive urgent or emergent care.
  • Testing associated with detoxification from alcohol or drugs.
  • Providing alcoholism or drug abuse recovery or treatment services.
  • Overseeing patient self-administered medications.
  • Treating substance abuse disorders, including detoxification.

Quality Alcohol and Drug Treatment Care since 1984

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A Message from our founders
"Cornerstone is a Family-Run Recovery and Treatment Center and we hope you find your answers here."

~ Jessica & Michael Stone, MD