Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program

If you need an outpatient treatment for drug rehab or alcohol rehab, Cornerstone will accommodate your individual needs with morning or evening rehab programs. If you need alcohol treatment or drug treatment care, contact our intake specialists for a free screening to learn if outpatient treatment is right for you. If you have tried to stop using alcohol or drugs on your own and found it too difficult without help, please call us. We can help.

We offer many levels of treatment and rehab including residential opiate detox, heroin detox, alcohol detox, drug detox or detox from any prescription pills. You can detox safely with the help of an addiction specialist, before beginning our outpatient program. Most individuals prefer to continue their stay in the residential setting a while longer before beginning the outpatient treatment program. If you have insurance, it will most likely cover this program. Ask our intake specialists to check with your insurance company.

The Cornerstone intensive outpatient program is committed to helping our clients achieve successful sobriety through education as well as individual and group support while building a foundation for recovery in the 12-Step philosophy. The program is a highly effective choice for those not requiring full residential care. It allows clients to continue daily employment and regular home activities, making it an excellent transition from detox or residential rehab programs, preparing the client for the real-world challenges of on-going alcohol recovery. Our mission is to provide a foundation for recovery, focusing on relapse prevention education.


Cornerstone is fully supported by professional and certified alcohol and drug case managers. Cornerstone is clinically supported by Michael Stone, MD, a board-certified addiction specialist. Our caring, professional staff is dedicated to helping our clients with all their unique needs.


Cornerstone offers individualized treatment planning. Individuals may be asked to attend up to 7 days a week. Morning and evening programs are tailored to fit your individual needs for school, employment or family commitments. Each program group meets from 8:30 to 12PM or from 6:00 to 9:00 pm. Programs include:

  • Assessment
  • Professional interventions
  • Education
  • Process groups
  • Family programs
  • Individual and couples/family sessions
  • Aftercare groups
  • Alumni Program

We offer an educational series for those seeking assistance and information about substance abuse. Employers or EAP often recommend this as a first step in seeking help when an employee exhibits a problem with alcohol or drugs in the workplace. We can meet requirements of Substance Abuse Professionals (SAP) and Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) We meet the requirements of SAP (substance abuse professional). We aim for effective, efficient treatment and a quick return to work. We are committed to excellence in the delivery of care and services to our customers.

We welcome clients from Anaheim, Fullerton, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Yorba Linda and close-by communities.

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Our former clients say it best...

  • Dr. Stone, I am so grateful to your program and also your generosity. I was a hopeless addict who believed there was no way of getting clean. Thanks to my sister and Cornerstone staff, I recently took my 90 day chip in N.A. Thanks, my life has been changed.
    ~ Isaac C.
  • "This was the best foundation I could have asked for to be sober. My case manager was the Best!! She showed me your life can be exciting and sober."
    ~ Tina H.
  • It is the truly caring staff that makes Cornerstone the best rehab I have been to. The best part was finally getting my depression medications right, after many others tried for 2 years.
    ~ Jim V.
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Addiction the Disease

How do you know if you have this disease?

How do you know if a loved one, a colleague, an employee, a friend, or your cellmate has this disease? There are endless definitions but here is mine. There are five pieces of the puzzle and all have to be present to be sure it is an addiction.

First - compulsion. This is not all the time, it is not every day but it is obvious. The cocaine addict gets the urge to use cocaine, the alcoholic craves a drink and the Vicodin addict is driven to get the pills. Addicts get the compulsion to do "it" (what they are addicted to) ...

Second - they do "it". I believe it is possible to be an... Read More »

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Incidental Medical Services (IMS)

On January 1, 2016, Chapter 744, Assembly Bill 848 was enacted authorizing adult alcoholism or drug abuse recovery or treatment facilities that are licensed by the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) to provide IMS. AB 848 amends sections 11834.03 and 11834.36, and adds sections 11834.025 and 11834.026 to the Health and Safety Code to allow licensed residential providers the option to apply to DHCS for approval to provide IMS in their facilities.

IMS are services provided at a licensed residential facility by a health care practitioner that address medical issues associated with either detoxification or the provision of alcoholism or drug abuse recovery or treatment services to assist in the enhancement of treatment services. IMS does not include the provision of general primary medical care. IMS must be related to the patient's process of moving into long-term recovery.

The following six categories of IMS services may be provided after receiving approval from DHCS:

  • Obtaining medical histories.
  • Monitoring health status to determine whether the health status warrants transfer of the patient in order to receive urgent or emergent care.
  • Testing associated with detoxification from alcohol or drugs.
  • Providing alcoholism or drug abuse recovery or treatment services.
  • Overseeing patient self-administered medications.
  • Treating substance abuse disorders, including detoxification.

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"Cornerstone is a Family-Run Recovery and Treatment Center and we hope you find your answers here."

~ Jessica & Michael Stone, MD