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Don’t Fear the Fat!
Author: Phil Kosanovich
Published: October 20, 2015

Everyday we are inundated with ads, pictures and articles telling us what to eat and what not to eat. Eating trends change daily as new studies and knowledge come to light regarding what is good for you and what is not. Most of this information also revolves around weight loss and doing all we can to look and feel our best. So when it comes to the subject of fats we need to be informed about the latest findings in order to make the best choices about what we eat.

First of all – not all fats are bad for you, and second – your body NEEDS fat to function properly. The trick is in choosing the correct types of fats to eat while reducing or removing others. We have listed 5 of the good fats that we all should be eating regularly and which foods contain them.


For those of us with high cholesterol, an increase in monounsaturated fats will be extremely beneficial. Recent studies have proven that these fats can lower LDL or bad cholesterol while boosting your HDL or good cholesterol levels. Where can you find these miracle fats? They are found in poultry, avocados and a variety of different oils including olive oil and avocado oil. A crunchier source of these healthy fats can be found in hazelnuts, cashews and almonds.


Polyunsaturated fats are known for reducing cholesterol and can also reduce high blood pressure. These fats can be found in different oils like soy, sunflower and safflower oils. They can also be found in dietary supplements and some vitamin blends.


CLA research has found that by eating foods containing this type of healthy fat and hitting the gym around 5 hours per week can speed up body fat loss. CLA can be found in all grass fed meats and poultry and also in eggs and dairy products.


A recent study found that by switching from using olive oil to using MCT oil can greatly increase weight loss including intra-abdominal fat located in your midsection. Abundant sources of this good fat can be found in coconut oil and palm oil.


Fish oil has been shown to improve mental health in those who add it via eating more fish or taking a fish oil supplement on a regular basis. Fish oil has also been proven to help combat heart disease.

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