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Do I Need Rehab? 5 Signs You Need To Go to Rehab
Author: Cornerstone of Southern California
Published: April 9, 2022

When you are in the throes of drug or alcohol addiction, it can be challenging to recognize that your problem requires professional help. If using drugs or alcohol is having a negative impact on your life, it could be time to come to terms with the fact that you might be living with an addiction.

Accepting that you have a problem is often the biggest challenge on your road to recovery, but once you pass this step, you’re on the right path. Choosing how to embark on your recovery is the next logical question.

Your proximity to the problem might hinder your perspective. It’s also important to keep in mind that everybody’s belief about what addiction is varies. You may have thought about rehab treatment, but you might not know how to understand whether your problem is severe enough to seek rehabilitation.

Many people believe that in order to enter a drug and alcohol rehab program, they must be dealing with a severe substance addiction. The truth is, if you are already thinking about accessing help to get sober, you probably do need professional treatment and advice.

Am I Living With Drug or Alcohol Addiction?

If your life is being negatively affected by your substance use, you may need to consider that you are living with an addiction. Addiction is diagnosed on a spectrum with specific criteria that determines whether addiction is mild, moderate, or severe.

Unfortunately, many people do not receive the treatment they need for substance addiction. Like others living with addiction, you may not believe that your problem is severe enough to seek treatment. Likewise, you may think you can overcome substance abuse alone. However, this can be extremely detrimental, leaving you vulnerable to additional addictive behaviors.

Looking at your substance use honestly and judgment-free can help you make the right choice and seek treatment.

Five Signs You Need To Go To Rehab

Below, we share five signs that highlight that you might require drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

You Prioritize Drug or Alcohol Use

If drug or alcohol consumption consumes your thoughts and you spend a considerable amount of time per day thinking about acquiring and consuming substances, this may indicate you are experiencing some level of addiction.

The more powerful an addiction becomes, the less interest you will have in other activities and responsibilities.

Your Health Is Negatively Impacted

Substance abuse can lead to several mental and physical health issues, some of which may be directly linked to the specific substance being used.

Symptoms of health conditions linked to drug and alcohol abuse can range in severity depending on the kind of substance you use, the dosage taken, the frequency, and the length of time you have taken it for.

If you are using substances regularly and you experience unwanted changes in thoughts, feelings, or behaviors, it may be time for you to go to rehab.

You Are Unable To Quit

Addiction regularly becomes a vicious cycle of ups and downs. Recovery is not usually a clear path, and it is common to experience alternating periods of sobriety and relapse.

If you have attempted abstinence regularly but have been unable to maintain it, this may mean you need to access help from a treatment center. Rehab programs can provide the routine and structure that is often required to stop drug or alcohol abuse successfully.

Your Relationships Are Under Strain

Addiction can distort your views surrounding what is important in your life. Addiction can also cause you to focus all of your energy and time on acquiring alcohol or drugs, leaving you with little time for your friends and family members.

You may also find that you avoid spending time with loved ones due to a fear of judgment or concern from them. However, this can cause a downward spiral as avoiding time with those who care about you can lead you further into your alcohol or drug abuse.

You Experience Withdrawal Symptoms

If you experience withdrawal symptoms, this could indicate that a dependency has developed. You may even start to feel like you need drugs or alcohol to function.

Depending on the situation, withdrawal symptoms can have profound health implications. If you are ready to quit using drugs or overcome your alcohol use disorder, enlisting the help of professionals is strongly advised to help you safely manage the difficult withdrawal symptoms associated with substance abuse problems.

Cravings are a common withdrawal symptom, so if you experience intense cravings for drugs or alcohol, it is likely time for you to check into rehab.

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Seeking Addiction Treatment for Substance Abuse

If you are experiencing any of the above signs, you may have a mild form of addiction. However, if all of the above criteria feel familiar, you may be living with a severe addiction. Whatever your situation, help is available, and it is always the right choice.

If you have taken the brave step toward admitting you have a problem with your alcohol or drug use, seeking help from a quality and reputable addiction treatment program like our own is the safest way to recover.

Addiction is a chronic disease, and getting through this challenging time in your life is not as simple as abstaining from the substance. Instead, recovery requires addressing the behavioral issues associated and the underlying root causes of your dependence.

Trying to speed through your recovery process is likely to end up in relapse. Full and sustained recovery involves changing the way you think, feel, and behave, but it isn’t easy to address these root causes without help from a professional.

Our Orange County drug rehab center offers entirely flexible drug and alcohol treatment options for a range of substance abuse issues. Our quality care and medical excellence can help you overcome addiction and any co-occurring disorders, so you can live the life you deserve.

Every recovery program starts with detox. Here, all traces of drugs or alcohol are removed from your system. Though it may seem daunting, medically assisted detox is much safer than trying to detox alone. After all, you will benefit from the support of professionals who can ease the uncomfortable side effects of withdrawal, which, in some cases, can be life-threatening.

How Long Does Rehab Last?

It is common for people seeking help from a rehab center to ask how long rehab will last. Although you might think there is a simple answer, the length of time you will need to spend in a center depends on your personal circumstances. However, on average, individuals stay in treatment for between one and three months.

Treatment will usually involve detox, therapy, and supportive aftercare, but treating substance use disorders is a complex process that can last years in more severe cases. While it may be your goal to get through rehab as quickly as possible, research shows that more extended stays in rehab lead to lower relapse rates.

Freedom From Drug and Alcohol Addiction

If you’ve already made the decision to seek help, we are proud of you – you should be too. Whether you are looking for support for yourself or a loved one, you are in the right place. We are confident that a life free from the grips of addiction is possible for everyone.

We are among the top drug and alcohol rehab centers in Orange County. Our mission is to help individuals in Southern California find an alternative to their addiction and live their lives to the fullest.

We understand that substance abuse is unique, and no two stories are the same. We tailor our treatment programs to meet our clients’ needs, hopes, and goals. If you choose Cornerstone, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands.

Pick up the phone today and learn about our flexible, person-centered substance abuse treatment programs.