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5 Reasons You Should Seek Addiction Recovery in Southern California
Author: Phil Kosanovich
Published: May 8, 2020
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California is one of the most beautiful states with one of the best climates in the country … and while we’re proud of our state’s beauty, that’s not the primary reason to seek addiction recovery here. California has always had some of the best substance abuse treatment centers in the United States, and we have one of the most progressive approaches to helping people recover from substance use disorders.

Advantages of California for Drug Rehab 

Whether you live in the state or are from another state and considering California for addiction recovery, these are the reasons why California is a leader in treating addictions:

  1. Our state values patients’ needs over healthcare profits: In 2018, the state passed SB 1228, which prevents licensed rehabilitation centers from a practice known as “patient brokering,” which is when a rehab center pays for patient referrals or leads. 
  2. California’s health department expanded coverage for substance use disorders: In 2015, the state’s health department launched a five-year pilot program called Drug Medi-Cal Organized Delivery System, or DMC-ODS for short. The program was designed to make it easier for people struggling with substance use disorders to seek and receive help. Roughly 40 counties have opted into the voluntary program, and the results have been encouraging.
  3. State-licensed drug rehab centers must be science based: In other words, state-licensed facilities, whether they are nonprofit or for-profit, must base their treatment programs on science-based methods and not nonmedical approaches.
  4. Practitioners and facilities are held to strict licensing requirements in California: The state department of health is responsible for issuing licenses and certifications to facilities and individuals in the treatment of addiction recovery, and they serve as a checks-and-balances in the quality of care. 
  5. California has 342 ASAM-designated facilities: ASAM is a widely accepted standard for practitioners and facilities that specialize in treating addiction. The most important takeaway you should know is that the ASAM advocates for a continuum of care in addiction recovery, which we’ll talk about next.

ASAM Continuum of Care for Treating Substance Use Disorders

The American Society of Addiction Medicine provides a continuum of care that clinicians may use to plan treatment, but it also holds us accountable for ensuring complete care for patients who seek help in treatment. 

The image below is provided by ASAM and shows the four levels of care, beginning with early intervention and ending with medically managed intensive inpatient services. Although the levels of care are numbered from zero to four, they are not linear in terms of steps. 

Your continuum of care might begin with early intervention (0.5) followed by detoxification in a clinically managed high-intensity residential program (3.3) followed by medically monitored intensive inpatient services (3.7), then intensive outpatient services (2.1) and outpatient support (1). Another person’s continuum of care might begin with medically managed intensive inpatient services (4) followed by residential inpatient services (3) and ultimately outpatient services (1).

So, the standard of care is consistent throughout the continuum, but each person’s treatment program can be tailored to their individual needs. 

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The advantage of such a continuum is that providers are encouraged to think of treatment in holistic terms, from intervention through post-rehabilitation sober living in Orange County, California.

Benefits of Rehabilitation Close to Home

For residents of Orange County and Southern California, the biggest advantage to staying in state is nearness to your family and loved ones, who can support you as you transition to a sober life. Many of our programs, for example, encourage family and group therapies, not only to help everyone heal from the pains of addiction but also to prevent triggers to using alcohol and drugs.

Benefits of Rehabilitation Away from Home

On the other hand, some people deliberately seek a rehabilitation program that is far from home and far from those people, places and things that trigger them to drink and/or use drugs. We recognize this at Cornerstone, which is why we work with our patients to transition to a healthy lifestyle once they’ve completed their inpatient programs.  

Why Cornerstone of Southern California?

Our addiction treatment center has been helping people who struggle with alcohol and drug use since the mid-1980s. We are state licensed and certified, and we are accredited by the Joint Commission. 

Even before the state adopted the ASAM continuum of care, Cornerstone of Southern California recognized the need for a holistic approach to treating addictions and substance use disorders. We offer a medically supervised detoxification program, in addition to inpatient, outpatient and individual and group therapies.  

Contact Cornerstone of Southern California today. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.