Sometimes addiction is hard to pin down. The professional consensus on this debilitating condition describes it as “a state where a person struggles to control and continues to engage in compulsive abuse of a mind-altering substance, despite knowledge of compelling negative consequences." 

When an addicting substance is taken repeatedly, it leads to a chemical dependence in which attempts to stop consumption become struggles against our bodies. Addiction to drugs or alcohol, however, might be physical, mental, or a mix of the two.

In actuality, addiction is extremely damaging. We work with people who have lost their physical health, emotional well-being, jobs, relationships, families, and even their sense of self to drug use at Cornerstone.

Alcohol Rehab Centers Near Newport Beach California

If you're reading this, it's too late to correct your mistake. Whether you're looking for information for yourself or on behalf of a loved one, know that addiction treatment, time, and commitment are all possible options.

You've reached one of the finest drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities in Orange County. Our objective at Freedom Overcoming Recovery is to assist individuals in SoCal break free from the cycle of addiction by providing them with treatment. Read on to discover more about what we do, how we do it, and how we can help you reclaim your life.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center in Newport Beach, CA

Although Southern California does not have the same reputation for drug and alcohol abuse that many other hard-hit states currently enjoy, we are still affected. In fact, it's possible that we struggle more secretly than others.

The California Health Care Foundation's 2018 study revealed that no less than 6% of Californians' drinking can be accurately labeled as alcoholism, while around 3% of our citizens' unlawful drug addiction has evolved into a full-fledged habit.

When combined, the evidence predicts that nearly one in ten people in our community struggle with a substance use disorder and need addiction treatment.

Substance Abuse Breakdown

According to the Orange County Health Care Agency, the most common forms of drug addictions being treated are:

  • Methamphetamines (and other stimulants) - 44%
  • Heroin - 20%
  • Alcohol - 18%
  • Marijuana - 13%
  • Other opiates - 2%
  • Other sedatives - 1%

It's also worth noting that these statistics are likely to vary from reality. These figures simply indicate those who have already completed drug or alcohol rehabilitation treatment.

Recognizing Addiction

Because we live in a state where many people are abusing illegal and legal substances, identifying what constitutes treatable drug or alcohol addiction is difficult. In fact, it's critical to trust your instincts on this issue. If you've come here because you're concerned about yourself or someone else, you might be qualified for therapy.

Signs You May Need Addiction Treatment

A few signs that risky problem use has evolved into a true addiction include:

  • Developing tolerance for a substance - Taking greater doses of almost any drug is a common side effect of chemical dependence.
  • Financial struggles - When addiction is in control, allocating resources becomes more difficult.
  • Cravings - Hard to control thoughts or bodily sensations that may lead you to fixate on the idea of using when you haven't been feeding the addiction.
  • Lying -Keeping secrets from your family or friends about what, how much, how often, where, or with whom you use or drink is an indication that you have gotten out of control.
  • Preoccupation - How much mental focus and time does thinking about your substance abuse take up? Even when you try to concentrate on your work, relationships, or interests, if your thoughts frequently go to thoughts of seeking, buying, and using drugs, drug treatment would be beneficial.
  • Withdrawal - Trying to stop or cut down using cold turkey has brought on a slew of withdrawal symptoms. These can be psychological or physical, depending on the drug or substance of abuse.

Long-term and excessive usage of almost every drug has a harmful effect on our bodies. It's time to seek drug rehabilitation when the most apparent symptoms are physically visible.

External symptoms include weight loss, changes in sleep habits, exhaustion, and track marks. Still, external indicators pale in comparison to the stress and harm that untreated addictions may cause on your internal organs and health.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab at Cornerstone Center

Cornerstone SoCal can assist you. We're one of Orange County's biggest and oldest addiction treatment facilities, with thirty-seven years of excellent medical experience behind us. We started out small, but today our modern network of residential homes includes twenty specialized settings that meet the needs of our clients.

Specifically, we offer drug and alcohol detox and rehab centers dedicated to residential treatment programs, intensive outpatient drug programs, extended care, and long-term sober living homes.

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We feel that therapeutic treatments must be tailored to our clients' demands and schedules in order for the highest results to be achieved. We aim to help individuals get started on their path to recovery and break addiction by utilizing personalized talents and adjustments that are effective from the start. As a result, we make ourselves available to provide exceptional levels of depth and quality.

Who We Treat

At Cornerstone, we specialize in all of the substance use disorders that manifest in Orange County. At the moment, our team is qualified to treat the following addictions:

  • Stimulants
  • Alcohol
  • Amphetamines
  • Heroin
  • Powder and crack cocaine
  • Prescription drugs
  • MDMA/ecstasy
  • Ketamine
  • Cannabis
  • Legal highs
  • Spice

We often see clients who suffer from more than one kind of substance abuse issue at once. We are fully qualified to offer detox, therapy, and complete treatment plans to polydrug users.

Our Treatment Centers in Newport Beach California

Clients who come to us for addiction therapy for a substance use disorder have made one of the most difficult decisions of their lives. By supporting each client with every bit of information that our highly educated team of addiction specialists has access to, we continue to uphold their decision.

In other words, we have dedicated our lives to learning the best and most effective ways to treat substance abuse issues, and we use every tool at our disposal.

Cornerstone SoCal will create a customized treatment plan for you or your loved one based on their evaluation. We will give appropriate treatment to each case and situation, always. Medical attention at a Cornerstone rehabilitation center, however, will be curtailed within a set number of days.

1. Drug Addiction Treatment Assessment

The first step to recovery is understanding. We offer free and private drug addiction assessments to anyone who is concerned that they may require alcohol or drug rehab.

You'll chat with one of our addiction specialists at a pre-admission exam to learn more about the extent and depth of your substance abuse, the consequences it has had on your life, and your present living situation.

They might also alert any signs of additional co-occurring conditions for future treatment as part of our dual diagnosis mental health therapy program. A dual diagnosis is a medical approach to addiction recovery that recognizes the connection between mental health, mental illness, and substance use disorder. Untreated co-occurring disorders such as depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are leading causes of addiction that need to be addressed from the start of drug rehab if they are present.

All medical professionals at Cornerstone clinics maintain confidentiality with anyone who reaches out to us.

2. Drug or Alcohol Detox Newport Beach

The next stage is to begin a detox, which is the natural process of the body ridding itself of poisons (in this case, the substance of abuse) and also the medical procedure of assisting the body in that effort. Detoxification, or detox, refers not only to the physical process by which your body eliminates waste (in this case, narcotics

Withdrawal symptoms are intense for individuals who have been binging or using a substance for an extended period. At our Orange County drug and alcohol detox facilities, we offer medication-assisted treatment and support for unmedicated detox, depending on your needs, which are assessed continuously.

We prioritize our clients' physical and mental health above all else. If you choose to withdraw from alcohol, benzodiazepines, or opiates without receiving medical assistance, people who are addicted to them might be at risk. It is a far safer and more comfortable method to go through withdrawal when you select one of our rehabilitation centers as your destination.

3. Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment Program

The vast majority of our clients choose to continue their treatment with us at Cornerstone following the completion of the twenty-eight-day inpatient residential treatment program. We encourage our patients to devote their full attention and energy while they're in the program by visiting one of our comfortable, modern campuses.

People in inpatient care benefit from twenty-four-hour medical supervision on a substance-free campus, where they can take advantage of beautiful state-of-the-art treatment facilities packed with healthy activities and serene downtime to meditate and reflect. You will also have a schedule packed with different therapeutic modalities, fresh, nutritious meals cooked on campus, and a supportive community of other Cornerstone rehab center clients during your time with us.

You may get more out of outpatient therapy in some situations. This is likely if you genuinely cannot fulfill the month-long requirement at a rehabilitation center. In this case, we have intensive outpatient programs and partial hospitalization that offer many of the advantages of residential treatment. Medication-assisted therapy for withdrawal symptoms, one-on-one counseling,

4. Post-Treatment Addiction Care

You will continue to work on your recovery after you have completed one of our drug abuse treatment programs. Addictions treatment is often a time to withdraw from the world, develop skills, fully engage in therapy, and build up your toolkit of coping mechanisms so that you may live your life without giving in to drug addiction outside of rehabilitation.

After rehabilitation, however, there are difficulties in returning to real life - we face daily issues and challenges again. Alcohol or drug addiction affects many people's jobs, money, and even social connections.

We want this transition to be as smooth and stress-free for you as possible. Following drug treatment, you'll get assistance in creating an extended care strategy for yourself at one of our rehabilitation centers.Our team can help you find legal support, financial resources, 12-step groups, and ongoing outpatient treatment programs to help you transfer back to daily life without losing sight of your recovery journey.

Alcohol Rehab Centers in Newport Beach, CA

Our skilled and certified staff at Cornerstone is well-versed in a wide range of evidence-based treatment modalities and therapeutic approaches. This allows us to tailor your addiction therapy to your specific requirements and past experiences.

Upon seeking addiction treatment at one of our Orange County drug rehab centers, you may have access to the following modalities, many of which are available both as individual and group therapy options:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (CBT)
  • Art therapy
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Acceptance and commitment therapy
  • Person-centered therapy
  • Emotion-focused therapy
  • Mindfulness
  • Interpersonal therapy
  • Transactional analysis
  • Existential therapy
  • Psychoeducation
  • Psychodrama
  • Schema therapy
  • Rational emotive behavior therapy
  • Integrative counseling
  • Compassion-focused therapy
  • Cognitive analytical therapy
  • Psychodynamic counseling
  • Life skills work

If you are interested in these different alcohol and drug addiction treatments, you may want to check out our more detailed directory.

We regard addiction as a physical and mental illness, and we consider therapy as a medical cure for its fundamental causes. Because no two histories of substance abuse are alike, each person's treatment at the rehabilitation center will vary.

Ultimately, the goal of our time with you at a Cornerstone rehab center is to use our therapeutic skills to restore your mental, physical, and behavioral health.

Reach Out to Us - Alcohol Rehab Centers Near Newport Beach

If you seek addiction treatment for yourself or a loved one, it can be hard to know where to look. Programs at Cornerstone SoCal are among the best and most extensive rehab services in Orange County and Southern California.

Clients of our addiction treatment centers are treated with special attention designed to restore the whole person, not just the substance use condition while maintaining their privacy and dignity.

If you have any further questions about our drug or alcohol addiction programs, treatment centers, or detox options, or are interested in booking an assessment, contact our intake team at (714) 547-5375.

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