Cornerstone Family Program

Cornerstone Family Program

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Our goal is to promote healthier communication, and allow individual expression to enhance healing and forgiveness.

  • Cornerstone believes that chemical dependency is a disease that affects the entire family. If you have a family member or significant other in treatment, you are strongly encouraged to attend the Family Program.

  • Statistics show that when the family is involved in the treatment process, the success rate for recovery is much higher.

  • We offer separate family members' only groups. We have expanded the current Family Program due to many requests from family members and concerned persons, to have an opportunity to receive education on addictions, as well as time for sharing issues and concerns. This additional group meets on Tuesday evenings. The resident will not be in attendance.

  • The Family Program at Cornerstone consists of eight weeks of education and process groups. We have Multi- Family Interactional groups; no one is forced to share. A lot can be learned by observing and listening. We do not believe in harsh confrontation.

  • Topics will include the disease concept, coping with the effects of addiction, and stumbling blocks to recovery. Introduction to 12-step self-help support groups. Education focusing on rebuilding relationships and regaining trust.

The Family Program is held on:

Family Program
Family and Loved Ones
Tuesdays 6 - 9pm
Education, Support and Sharing
Clients, Family and Loved Ones
Thursdays 6 - 9pm
Education, Support and Sharing

All groups are held at outpatient facility located at:
1950 E. 17th Street, Suite 150, Santa Ana, CA 92705

Family members are welcome to continue to attend the Tuesday evening program for the full eight week process after the alcoholic or addict has completed Outpatient or Residential treatment.

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