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At the heart of recovery management is activity. Whether in group sessions or in structured activities and outings, involvement is the key. In addition to counseling, a variety of educational groups designed to address the specific needs of the individual are provided. These groups consist of:

Gender Issues

  • Exploring gender issues related to recovery.
  • Provide education aimed at increasing socialization skills.

Group Process

  • A client-centered group that allows residents to share their own experiences.
  • Focus on group support of recovery management.

Life Skills

  • Designed to assist residents to re-join family and society with confidence.
  • Topics include cooking, cleaning, resume-building and personal hygiene.

Relapse Prevention

  • Designed to allow the resident to develop tools for recovery management.
  • Aimed at identifying red flags and triggers that lead to relapse.

Secondary Conditions

  • Provides education to residents who may have secondary issues.
  • Topics include Major Depression, Bipolar Disorder, ADD.

Substance Abuse Education

  • Education on the effects of specific substances.
  • Allows residents to share their experiences with their peer network.


  • Education on physical, mental, and emotional health issues related to recovery.
  • Introduces residents to current recovery management options.

Family Lecture & Process Group

  • Educational lectures for families on Secondary Disorders.
  • Group for family members to process lecture materials and any issues that may arise.

We provide structured activities and outings in addition to counseling and groups

Some of the social activities include:

Staff accompanied 12-step meetings.

  • Visits to the fitness center (Gold's Gym).
  • Weekly outings to: Beach, Aquarium, 12-Step Barbecues, Knott's Berry Farm.
  • 12-step social events (when available).

Our social activities are flexible enough to accommodate the particular needs of the residents, but still provide the necessary structure and support for successful recovery management.

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