Sober Living at Cornerstone

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Sober Living Homes offer sober living in safe beautiful homes that are gender specific in sunny, Orange County.

Sober Living homes are 20 minutes from the beach, malls, colleges, Disneyland, Performing Arts Center and about an hour to the Southern California mountain ski resorts.

Sober Living is a step down to an independent living environment with other sober people.

Sober Living accommodations are for adults, 18 -80+. There are 6 persons to a home and a live-in manager. There are 2 residents to a room. We provide the essential items; linens, pillows, comforter. We have a washer and dryer available in the home.

Sober Living involves no active treatment for the client in the home. Clients may come and go as necessary, but must sign in and out.

Sober Living clients are expected to remain clean and sober while we provide a safe, supportive environment, with basic rules of living.

Sober Living is the lowest level that Cornerstone provides in a home environment.

Sober Living can be combined with Continuing Care or Aftercare to help the client manage their ongoing recovery over months or even years.

It has been proven that the longer the treatment, the better the outcome. That is why Cornerstone's Recovery Management programs are successful.

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