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If you are in the process of choosing an alcohol or drug rehab program or have already chosen Cornerstone of Southern California, you will have questions. Since we have been helping people answer questions since 1984, we will attempt to provide answers for the most common ones.

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1-714-547-5375 or with any other questions you may have.

. How long has Cornerstone of Southern California been in business?

. Michael Stone, MD. founded Cornerstone in 1984.

. Do the Cornerstone programs treat both alcohol and drug addiction?

. Yes. We at Cornerstone believe that addiction is a disease of the brain. Every person is different, and the way each drug affects the body and the brain must be treated by a professional who understands chemical dependency.

. What should I bring or not bring to Cornerstone?

. Click here for information regarding What To Bring.

. I have heard that I should find a treatment center that offers an integrated program for both substance abuse and a psychiatric disorder. Can Cornerstone help me?

. Yes. We at Cornerstone understand the importance of offering our clients fully integrated programs specific for each individual's needs. Cornerstone has excellent referrals for psychiatric evaluations and treatment. We can help the independent psychiatrist manage the psychiatric problem while the client continues in our program.

. Where is Cornerstone of Southern California?

. Cornerstone is located in Orange County, California. Our programs are in beautiful homes in upscale neighborhoods in Tustin, Orange and Santa Ana. Our outpatient and family program center is in Santa Ana. See Orange County Map for directions (opens in a new window ).

. What ages do you serve?

. We treat men and women ages 18 and older with chemical dependency as their primary issue. Apart from detox, men and women have separate homes.

. Do you accept health insurance?

. Yes. Cornerstone is one of the few non-hospital treatment centers that accept health insurance. We are contracted with many managed care companies and we will work with any insurance company to try to get you the services you need covered. You may have a co-pay, or deductible that must be met. You will need to bring your insurance card with you. Our intake staff can assist you with your insurance questions. Click here for information regarding health insurance.

. Can you help me with my legal problems?

. Yes. Cornerstone is a probation approved program. We have a well respected and successful monitored alternative sentencing program. We have both residential and monitored outpatient treatment. The level of program you are in will depend on the court's recommendations. We have a court representative to work with you. Go to the Alternative Sentencing page for more information.

. What are some additional helpful resources?

. There are several we like. Cornerstone would like to make you aware of government and private resources that are deemed authorities on the subject of addiction. Please see these programs at Cornerstone Alcohol and Drug Rehab Resources for more information.

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