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The Cornerstone Treatment Model

Cornerstone offers all levels of alcohol and drug rehab in a Fully Integrated Continuum of Care from Detox to Extended Care to Sober Living and everything in between. Having all these levels of care allows us to truly individualize a client's treatment program.

A Common Example

A client starting in our Detox Program who progresses through our Residential Program, then moves to Day Treatment with Recovery Home living, or Intensive Outpatient, and finally to Sober Living.

Another Common Example

A client who has completed detox and some Residential Care with us or another program who then enters our lower levels of care, especially Extended Care.

Road to Recovery at Cornerstone of Souther California

If a client in a lower level of care is having a difficult time, for whatever reason, they can be offered a more intense treatment program or detox for a short time, rather than being asked to leave. Being able to stay with us until they re-stabilize their program allows the client to remain in one continuous program surrounded by staff that they know and trust as well as peers that they have come to call friends. Destabilization in early recovery is the standard not the exception and Cornerstone does all it can to maintain stability for every client we care for.

Recovery Management at Cornerstone of Souther California

Recovery Management is therefore much easier at Cornerstone because of the ability of the client to transition up or down through our multiple levels of care. We believe that we are the best and the only program that can accommodate the client in all these levels of care, under the supervision of an outside Addiction Medicine Physician, within one program.