Alternative Sentencing Program Lawyer Testimonial

8 Feb


I have been working for several years in the treatment and recovery field as a treatment professional, attorney and interventionist. I have worked closely for over seven (7) years with my trusted colleagues at Cornerstone toward lasting and meaningful client recovery and court case outcomes.

I refer families and clients to Cornerstone with the utmost confidence in their services and quality of care. Cornerstone has as dedicated, compassionate and skilled a team as you will ever find. The costs are always reasonable, they work well with insurance and complex cases, and the teamwork is always first rate. Their alternative sentencing expertise helps clients navigate through the criminal justice system with court and probation approval.

From 5 Star Yelp Review on 12/14/15

A shift to Addiction Treatment instead of Jail time

27 Jan


Cornerstone is excited to be witness to a serious shift in thinking regarding providing drug treatment services to addicts and alcoholics instead of jail time both locally and nationally. We have been offering our Alternative Sentencing Program to clients who come to us with legal issues stemming from their addictions for 20 years and have become the program of choice for most of the courts in the Southern California area. Our Alternative Sentencing Manager, Dr. Stephanie Herring PhD., M.A. and our Senior Vice President, Simon Stone JD advocate on behalf of our legal clientele on a daily basis and are very well known and respected. If you have a legal issue stemming from addiction – Call us today! 714-547-5375


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