Starting Addiction Treatment

25 May

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Here are some excellent tips when beginning treatment:

Do not think that treatment means that you sit and wait for others to fix you.

You must be proactive. Others can give guidance. They cannot change you.

The most important recovery tool you have is group therapy.

Face reality, learn about addiction and deal with denial;

Become willing to change and ask for help;

Discover and explore spirituality as a source of help and a means of ‘filling the void’;

Engage in self discovery;

Identify, with the help of your group and therapist, obstacles to change;

Commit to make changes;

Take action to change.


By specialist Therapist  –  Christopher Burn


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What does Cornerstone of Southern California offer?

19 May


Here are just a few of the benefits offered at Cornerstone:

Cornerstone is in-network with most major insurance companies and can accept HMO’s.

Cornerstone believes in and practices ethical drug testing procedures approved by addiction professionals, addiction medicine physicians, the DHCS, the Joint Commission and the insurance companies we are contracted with.

Cornerstone provides Alternative Sentencing to clients with legal issues and is viewed in high regard by all local court systems, local judges and attorneys.

Cornerstone has been offering Residential Recovery Home Environments since 1984.

Cornerstone has the support of local independent Addiction Medicine Physicians and certified Psychiatrists to assist our clients with their medication needs as well as offering counseling services to clients with dual diagnosis.

Cornerstone staff are caring, enthusiastic and enjoy helping others make positive changes in their lives.

Cornerstone has a Fully Integrated Continuum of recovery services, including Detoxification, Extended Care, Monitored Residential, Alternative Sentencing, Day Treatment, Intensive Outpatient, Family Program and Sober Living Homes . If a client has difficulties in their early recovery they do not have to be transferred to another facility. Residents can move within the system to higher or lower levels of care for the most appropriate treatment for the individual at any time.

Cornerstone Recovery Homes are beautiful, safe, warm and comforting. We are located 20 minutes from Newport Beach, 15 minutes from John Wayne/Orange County airport and 15 minutes from Disneyland.

Cornerstone homes are close to many business establishments in Orange County which allow for employment opportunities, social activities and public transportation.

Cornerstone has access to a wide variety of excellent 12-Step meetings in the local area.

Cornerstone has 20 Beautiful Recovery Homes that allow only six residents per home and two per bedroom. It is centrally located in Southern California in beautiful, safe, residential areas of Orange County.

Cornerstone has a large outpatient facility where we offer Day and Evening Programs for patients and families. We offer Continuing Care, Aftercare and Alumni meetings for our residents.

Stay positive and exude gratitude!

11 May

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Happiness is an active choice that we make each moment of every day. Abraham Lincoln once said: “Most people are about as happy as they make their minds to be.” It is true that your family genetics, general health, brain structure, exercise levels and other external factors play into your happiness, but a positive mental outlook can make all the difference. In your everyday personal life and in the workplace when you make a serious effort to increase positive emotions and self-perception you not only help yourself but your help all of the people close to you as well. Tell people how much they mean to you more often, say ‘thank you’ more, smile and live in the moment. Dwelling on the past or worrying about the future are not only unhealthy but they are unproductive ventures as well.

Do all you can each day to reframe negative thinking into a new positive outlook. It’s all in how you look at things! When asked if the cup is half empty or half full respond with, “At least I have a cup!”

Create opportunities to express gratitude as much as you can.  Help yourself and others by shifting focus to what works in life and appreciating it instead of dwelling on what doesn’t. Creating a personal culture of gratitude and appreciation can dispel doubts and negativity in your environment. This allows you and those around you to shift perspectives on life and stay on the bright side.

Try a simple method to stay positive:  reflect on the past day, week, or month and think about three people who have helped you during that time. Maybe they have done something for you that you could not have done for yourself. Maybe they said something helpful or insightful. Or they just listened and acted as a sounding board. Sit for a few minutes and notice the feelings that emerge when you focus on the kind and generous contributions others make in your life. Acknowledge the interdependence between your current level of well-being and success, and the generosity and contribution of those around you. This will help open everyone’s eyes to the natural reality of gratitude leading to happiness.

Come to Cornerstone. Make one stop to STOP.

21 Apr

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Cornerstone has been helping addicts recover for 32 years. We understand addiction and what it takes to stop for good. We have worked hard during our years of service to build a comprehensive system that truly works for each individual. One of our main goals was to eliminate the need to transfer our clients out to other companies in order to receive treatment services that we could not provide in-house. We are proud to offer our clientele a full continuum of care including a medically assisted residential detoxification program, an extended care program, an alternative sentencing program, a monitored residential program, an intensive outpatient program, a family program and even sober living.

When you or someone you love comes to Cornerstone you can feel secure that we are able to fulfill all of your recovery needs without sending you somewhere else. You remain in the community with your peers that you have moved through your path to recovery with and are able to maintain healthy relationships with other clients and our professional staff.

Make Cornerstone your first choice for addiction treatment. Make one stop to STOP.

AA – Against Athiests?

19 Apr

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There have been a few recent stories in the news about  Alcohol Anonymous and it’s connection to religion or a ‘higher power’. A man in Toronto is claiming that he has been discriminated against due to being an Agnostic or Atheist. Can those without belief in a higher power still be accepted in the AA community or do secular addicts need to form their own support networks?

Read on HERE to find out.