Assembly Bill 848 is on the Governor’s Desk! Will he sign it?

9 Oct

v2 (1)Assembly Bill 848 is on the Governor’s Desk! Will he sign it?

Cornerstone’s founder and owner, Dr. Michael Stone MD, has made several trips to sacramento to speak out in support of Assembly Bill 848. He, along with a number of other prominent companies and individuals in the drug and alcohol treatment community have backed the passage of this bill since its inception and are extremely happy to see it be approved by the California State Legislature. It is now on the Governor’s desk. Will he sign it?

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The California Legislature has approved legislation sponsored by the California Society of Addiction Medicine that would safeguard the health of people seeking alcohol and drug rehabilitation services. Assembly Bill 848 (by Assembly Member – Mark Stone) would allow residential detoxification facilities to provide 24-hour medical services to their clients.

“A detoxification facility should be able to provide the best possible care for vulnerable people struggling to overcome addictions.  People who are working to get sober should have their needs met through the programs where they are seeking help, including medical treatment that helps them on their path to recovery,” said Stone.  “I urge the Governor to sign this necessary measure.”

Under current licensure requirements, residential treatment facilities may not provide on-site medical treatment to their clients, even if it is psychiatric treatment or for medical conditions related to clients’ addictions.  Instead, when clients have medical needs during the course of their residential treatment, facility staff must transport them to doctors’ offices or hospital emergency departments, which is inefficient and costly.

Click here for a full PDF description of AB848 – CLICK

Personal emails can be sent to the Governor using the link below:

  1. Go to:
  2. On the pull down menu, click on: “AB848 – Alcoholism & Drug Abuse Treatment Facilities”
  3. Click on “Pro” – You will have the option of adding comment


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