DEA: Prescription drugs stolen in Baltimore flooding the streets

25 Jun


The open-air drug markets of Baltimore are flush with new product this summer. The source, at least in part, is more than 30 pharmacies and clinics looted in riots following the death of Freddie Gray in police custody.

More than 175,000 doses of opiates and other prescription drugs were stolen and are now on the streets, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration. Enough Oxycodone, Suboxone, Morphine, Fentanyl and other drugs says the DEA to keep the city’s drug users high for a year

In a city with a large heroin-addicted market, the influx of looted drugs is adding to the problems facing police and city officials already struggling to deal with a sharp rise in shootings and murders. Law enforcement officials believe the new flow of prescription pills will breed new addicts and more violence. Many of those addicts will turn to cheaper heroin from the open drug markets later.

In response to the city’s plea for help, the Drug Enforcement Administration and other federal agencies are seeking to prosecute the leaders of gang and drug dealing organizations.

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