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  • Probation Approved
  • California State Licensed and Certified
  • Accredited by The Joint Commission

Cornerstone of Southern California offers a probation approved treatment program in Orange County for alcohol rehab or drug dependency specifically designed for people with legal problems as a result of their drug addiction, and who qualify as a minimum risk offender.

If your interest in treatment is precipitated by any very recent, relatively recent, or even pending criminal charges, it is of the utmost importance (prior to even an arraignment hearing) to be proactive in entering the treatment setting and seeking professional assistance.

If any negative behavior related to your arrest is related to your chemical abuse or dependency, the judicial system will see the positive action you are taking to address your problem so that recidivism can be prevented.

Our staff is eager to act as an advocate on your behalf- even making court appearances to explain the program and your need for recovery to the judge.

This assistance can be in negotiating with district attorneys and/or judges to appeal for a satisfactory resolution of your case. The court will frequently allow day for day credit through participation in treatment at Cornerstone in lieu of custody.

Cornerstone is known for integrity throughout the recovery community.

We are a Joint Commission Accredited, Probation Approved, State Licensed and Certified drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment program with an emphasis on relapse prevention. We have been helping addicts, alcoholics and their families since 1984.

We can work with your attorney or lawyer or assist you in finding one.

Cornerstone of Southern California is able to provide a full continuum of programs, depending on assessment and court recommendation. We have all levels of treatment, alcohol and drug detox, primary residential, monitored extended care residential, Monitored outpatient and Sober Living

We have built an excellent clinical team of professionals with many years of experience working with substance abusers and chemically dependent individuals at every level.

The following services will be provided

Assessment (Both in and out of custody)

  • Complete assessments are made to explain the program, assess willingness to participate in a recovery program, and other parameters for enrollment.
  • Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory (SASSI) may be given at this time to indicate need for participation.
  • Specific recommendations for monitoring and/or drug testing, live-in/residential versus outpatient status will be discussed.
  • All fees and program rules and guidelines will be explained in detail.


  • Client arranges appointment with Cornerstone, to enroll and begin active participation in the recovery program.
  • Appointment for medical examination will be required and arranged. A TB test may be necessary.

Minimum Level of Participation

  • Daily attendance at 12-step recovery meetings (AA, NA, CA) monitored by case manager. Proof of attendance is required.
  • Case manager assigned and orientation will begin at first individual counseling session. Individual counseling continues weekly throughout duration of program participation.
  • Group participation is assigned for a minimum of one (1) session weekly, with a maximum of five (5) weekly sessions.
  • Monitoring of the client's weekly schedule by Cornerstone begins at date of enrollment. Live-in residents check in and out, as permitted, each day with signature. All outpatient clients will provide a schedule of activities per week. These activities are limited and restricted to recovery meetings, counseling, court appointments, medical attention, and other approved necessities (approved by case manager). Daily monitoring for adherence to schedule restriction is provided by Cornerstone.

Court Appearances

  • As required by the Court, letters of acceptance, progress and completion will be provided by Cornerstone via individual case managers. Appearances will be made by Cornerstone as required and requested by Judge, client, and/or attorney.

Alcohol and Drug Testing / Monitoring

  • Random testing is mandatory throughout all programs when deemed necessary by Cornerstone, Ordered by the Court, or the probation department.
  • Alcohol breath testing and PharmChem drug sweat patches are available.
  • Antabuse and Revia (Naltrexone) maintenance / monitoring is available as required and/or ordered by the Court.
Court Liason

Simon A. Stone, J.D.

Senior Vice President, Safety Officer and Court Liason

Simon's primary job is Cornerstone's Safety Officer. He is a Senior Vice President of the company and is also in charge of the Environment of Care including facilities management. He addresses Continuous Quality Improvement and Management of the physical properties which includes all facets of property management striving to ensure that Cornerstone's residential facilities are always safe and comfortable for our clients, staff and visitors. Simon also assists in our Alternative Sentencing Program advocating for treatment in lieu of jail time on behalf of our clientele and in conjunction with Criminal Defense Attorneys, Public Defenders, District Attorneys, Judges and Commissioners.

He enjoys raising his 4 beautiful children, four turtles, 5 fish, one dog, one cat, one hamster, with the constant support of his wife, Kari.

Article Written By
Simon Stone, JD

Approximately 16 years ago Cornerstone of Southern California developed a level of care for individuals that found themselves enmeshed in the legal system. Alternative Sentencing was the name given to this Cornerstone Program which aids attorneys and defendants in providing Courts with a viable socially effective avenue to "house" and "treat" the underlying issues that gave rise to the often "criminal" charges alleged by the District Attorney's office.

Cornerstone has found that when given the ability to effect change in a defendants life through treatment the Court (and many times the assigned Deputy District Attorneys) will agree to crafting a sentence that provides punishment and treatment wherein jail time is not the only answer. Our populous has voted for treatment for non-violent drug and alcohol dependent/abusing individuals due to the social benefits as well as the cost effectiveness (Defendant paid treatment vs. taxpayer paid incarceration).

Often prior to sentencing defendants can utilize healthcare benefits to offset their costs for treatment provided assessment reveals that medical criteria is met. Our program has been developed for non-violent offenders that are charged with a variety of offenses. Because of the voluminous number of potential charges pertaining to Vehicle Code, Health and Safety Code, Penal Code, the sections herein are merely examples. [Charges range from Driving Under the Influence (Vehicle Code 23152), Under the Influence of a Controlled Substance (Vehicle Code 11550), Possession of a Controlled Substance for sale (Health and Safety Code 11375), Petty Theft (Penal Code 488)] Often our clients come to us through attorneys, healthcare providers, Employee Assistance Professionals, human resources departments, unions, interventionists or at the request of family.

To best benefit from the Alternative Sentencing Program here at Cornerstone of Southern California assessment and admission into the program EARLY will provide both the client/defendant and his/her attorney the greatest opportunity to potentially mitigate the severity of punishment handed down by the Court as well as provide the client support throughout their proceedings and the family support and comfort knowing their loved one is regaining their life, esteem, confidence and ability to cope with their life and make better choices free from alcohol and/or other mood/mind altering chemicals.

Alternative Sentencing Manager

Stephanie N. Herring, PH.D., M.A.

Alternative Sentencing Manager

Dr. Herring first came to Cornerstone in 1996, after working as a primary case manager at The Betty Ford Center. Prior to that, she worked in acute psychiatric settings at Charter Hospital in Palm Springs and CPC Santa Ana Hospital. She has also worked for the Count y of Orange, providing individual, group and family therapy with troubled children and their families. She has been in the field of Alcohol and Drug Treatment since 1991.

She received her Master of Arts in Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy from Pepperdine University. She then went on to receive her Ph.D. in Psychology, where she also obtained Certificates in both treatment of victims and perpetrators of violent crimes and chemical dependency treatment. During her five year doctoral training, she conducted a research study at Cornerstone of Southern California, entitled "Cognitive Therapy with the Chemically Dependent Depressed Inpatient." This became her published dissertation. While at Cornerstone she received two years of her post-doctoral supervision from world renowned psychiatrist, Joseph Pursch.

Dr. Herring has had extensive training from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to provide crisis counseling to the victims of the Laguna Beach fires in 1994. She is affiliated with the American Psychological Association, Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, California Association of Marriage and FamilyTherapists and American Association of Christian Counselors. She has continued to stay up to date on the most recent cutting edge treatment strategies, attending seminars by various therapists and psychologists such as Terrence Gorski (Relapse Prevention), Dr. David Burns (Cognitive Therapy techniques) and educational seminars conducted by the APA, CAMFT and CAADAC. She is excited and enthusiastic about returning to Cornerstone after spending time at home raising her two beautiful children.